1 Letter From My Darling Schizophrenic

deeper than I thought, More Black, more crowded, more pronounced, more pale, more pessimistic, never better non-shower falling deeper and worse and worse at every step.

suddenly in the projection of the heart of loneliness in the crowd. And in the end everything smiles when you bluff. Your dreams have come true. If dreams come true, the facts about what?

you thought it was never gonna happen, thousands of expectations you will open your eyes when you pass through the stops? Jesus who turns the other cheek when you slapped him? Sex as the sin offering Moses? Or people who claims to be a very big step for Armstrong?

not a head-to-wear we go looking for oil well or CFO of the composite index Dec. Capitalism, socialism, hedonism, Satanism, and the psychology of money they found likantrofizm bilmemneizm even look at me don’t care! Seda Sayan in the morning instead of breakfast in the morning!

Imperial scouts Luke’s zero-gravity speeder bike is chasing you, and if the paperwork is going to visit the village where lived Skywalker and Han Solo, why not create zero gravity in a dream awake?

what, dear? You fashion sushi, raw fish I can create new with an experience of thousands. A simple fishing rod, a fish or the Fish Market… You give me hope!


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