11 point postpartum nutrition

for the health of both mother and baby breastfeeding, adequate and balanced nutrition is of great importance.

after the birth, the mother’s one of the most important questions that comes to mind, more How to lose weight kurtulacag.

first, breastfeeding was intense, and do not follow the diet to lose weight no weight loss in the first 6 months.

avoid fatty meals especially the famous and sugary foods try not to consume too much. More grilled or steamed cooking methods to use.

the most effective way to lose weight BREASTFEEDING

nursing your baby is the most effective method to lose weight that makes. Because the basal metabolic rate during breastfeeding of the body is called energy consumption is more than the normal period. Therefore, it is easier to lose weight with a healthy diet program that is applied in this period your baby will be fed with milk and also better quality. Breastfeed the first item, this is an 11-item list, in your diet may guide you for the new arrangements:

1-Watch out for the calories

currently, each bite you for your time that you share with your developing baby it is not so important, although the quality of milk your choice of nutrients is important for you. Especially as a new mom you will need a lot more energy. Therefore if you are breastfeeding before pregnancy the amount of calories you need to maintain your weight you need to add 400 to 500 extra calories per day.

2 – The building blocks of protein diet

The 15 percent of energy should come from proteins. Meat, chicken, fish, eggs and legumes are foods that are rich in protein. These foods also have B vitamins, iron and rich in zinc.

3-calcium is important for the future

during this period you need to pay the most attention to fully meet your calcium needs is one of the issues. To consume 3 servings of milk and dairy products in your daily diet will be enough. In terms of weight control low-fat ones you can choose.


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