2 Male/Female Know Very Well That The Rest Between Situations

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-no, what happened?
-back out there? He told me that he liked me
so, you don’t, what’s the point?
-no, the flood didn’t happen in the last days, my daughter, me?
-that you didn’t consider about those?
-or, you know, I love him, but not like a lover
-I didn’t lose in the air so that left an open-ended process, so it’s
-So call now. what do I do, I do not understand what does this men?
-Hii yeah hard.
-a month in high school was the same way, here is comes from one of the two ends.
-tell me you don’t want, distraction girl children
-Month, you don’t understand, I don’t want to lose them both.

1. You suffer from this situation ‘sass’ is perceived as.

my daughter/son you are just a spoiled person who selected your close friends will be too.

2. Or right, whichever you prefer, if you can’t get rid of and psychology.

I wonder if I was with them, the other would live in? Maybe the other thought he was the love of my life.

3. If you do want to lose both of them, you will lose them both.

if you move someone out the other if you lose,if you ask to stay friends, you will lose them both.

4. The parties probably don’t know it because your conscience will bother you.

says I’m doing very wrong that your conscience never shuts up.

5. If you are staying between two people, choose the second. because if you really loved the first one, the second promised He wouldn’t mind that would be roam in.

because of this promise you have to decide also, if your head thoroughly mixed.

6. You will constantly feel like a bad person yourself.

feeling like she was playing with both of them you get the feeling that you feeling like you are a bad person.

7. Talk to your closest friends, you call yourself something.

but most of the time will not benefit that much.

8. With every new day you wake up with the desire to end this uncertainty.

start the day by saying I’ll give you a decision today, but things still don’t go as you had hoped.

9. In the case of a continuous evaluation are you, by Cons the pros of the parties, knows a lot about them than they know you become.

the better the worse you go into the assessment, but you can’t go through.

10. Sometimes you’ll want to keep it that way.

Sometimes you go with the flow of interest that you see and like it.

11. We we can’t find one. becomes a part of your life to complain.

comments you get exposed to.

12. The result is the third one mostly.

because love is not an equilibrium. If a party finds someone who can’t think complacency will be heavy on the feet.


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