2. The Best 5 Movies On The Theme Of World War II

The benchmade you 2 be friends.I watched with interest the subject of World War I, and to me, the best 5 movies about the war that I’m going to give you the information written about.

5. in order for the Confederate States of America entering the war on the side of the Imperial Japanese Navy, which will result in an organized attack against a military base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii Pearl Harbor was the subject of the movie of the name.

5. Pearl Harbor ( 2001 )

I mentioned above on a film about the attack on Pearl Harbor two childhood friends, rafe and Danny, who served as a pilot in the American army in to fight in a real war too eager. Working in the Navy nurse named Evelyn rafe falls in love with a girl, but rafe to fight the Nazis, went to England, while Danny and Evelyn Pearl Harbor is a military base of the Place’s mission.

as well as in the film war, love, drama on such subjects as are machined. Many of the negative political and artistic aspects of film criticism is among the most liked movies taken in this regard.

number four Jewish-born Wladyslaw szpilman based on the life of composer and pianist, directed by Roman Polanski, the pianist movie, there’s his name.

4. The pianist ( 2002 )

as I stated above, a successful pianist Wladyslaw szpilman the subject of life in the movie life on the chance of returning to hell the Nazi invasion of Poland ( with the help of a witness ) named Wilm Hosenfeld and the pianist rescued from going to the concentration camps Jewish life in Warsaw in a very successful way to survive with the help of captain Nazi were transferred to the cinema. The film with the war, drama has been quite successful in the genre.

a soldier named Ryan who lost three brothers in the other three numbers in the war to save the American army from the sacrifice of follows.

3. Saving Private Ryan ( 1998 )

the scene cuts to the Normandy’s great about starting with the three brothers in the film of the American army soldier named Ryan to find the other loser in the Battle of explain the difficulties.

are committed to providing for you to come home and when they find Ryan, but Ryan is determined to fight the Nazis. Best battle scene I’ve ever seen the film with the undisputed best in this category.

German businessman Oskar Schindler’s 1200 Jews during the Holocaust in the second row from the concentration camps in Poland discusses how so saved from death. Completely taken from a true story, this film according to me is one of the most impressive films have taken over the world.

2. Schinder’s List ( 1993 )

a single color element in the movie who’s the girl in the Red above Nazi-linked businessman Oskar Schindler enamelware factory in Poland producing 1200 to work in a Jewish labor should define. These workers will be sent to the Jews in the Auschwitz concentration camp outside of aryanlastirma policy.

” Schindler’s list, together with who will die and who will die must decide. Drawn from life in concentration camps the film allows us to understand better the sufferings of time by offering.

we first me in the first queue according to the queue taken over the world the best of 2. This World War II film life is beautiful. An Italian named Guido orefice Jewish war describes a life that is cluttered with. Jews or dogs allowed no word in the movie later became a legend.

1. Life Is Beautiful ( 1998 )

in the first section of the film 2 which consists of two different parts. Pre-World War Guido orefice of a joyful life, marriage, children, to the workplace have been introduced. The actual impressive feature is the second portion in which the Nazis sent the Jews to concentration camps in Italy begins.

this sent between Guido orefice, his wife and small child. Even lose the joys of life in a concentration camp Guido orefice has made the film The last great dialogues between a child and already a legend.

who gave himself for save the children at the end of the movie for me it was the most emotional moment of the film orefice the death of Guido.


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