2015 Colored Hair Fashions

Hi KS members 🙂 this year’s fashion color hair, actually, as I wanted to take on. We ladies, we don’t back away from anything in the name of visuals 🙂

and in front of you a colorful hair

really daring add a splash of color. Dip dye colors separately consist of burning when opening the way of your hair color.

blue hair

A meagre every skin color. Fair-skinned ladies I would recommend you open will add color to your complexion.

Yesil Hair

I wanted to see how it hangs on bare skin and dark hair Yesil. Of course he wants to make up all of hair color, but never the dark skins it doesn’t look nice I think 🙂

here, too, we see the tone of the pretty village green. I’m saying that light skin tones look, but a few colors for brunettes forget to share 🙂

gray hair

in a way that brunettes can easily use tint. I think it looks quite aesthetic weird gray come in for a minute each ear.

purple hair

pink hair

what a beautiful, charming, quite attractive although this might seem to make it look like hair is a tricky business. Hair and may become irreversible.

it’s not too hard to achieve these colors, actually. So that you can brighten your hair with chalk paint is worn only by fire.

finally I can paint my hair, and how much becomes how for the friends who thinks so.

The use of the chalk is quite simple, friends. We color our hair with warm water to soak the section. Here you need to give importance to the water to be warm.
pastel Color We sprayed a lock of hair through the use of lean let’s go with your request. Evenly paint each section of our hair that we need to be sure.
wait to dry our hair and our shape, we give our hair straightener with tufts of dyed hair over after installing it. I would recommend to use gloves unless you want your hands to paint.

I think this has been a good one hope by saying that I wish you a good night 🙂


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