2015 Summer Bikini Fashion

every girl with Bikini in the summer by the sea you roam the colorful chirping happiness. Each model year, model, pattern, pattern, Color Color produced again this year Bikinis, the beaches, the beaches to adorn.

the store, located in Bikinis, of course, fit, healthy, athletic with a body to wear much better. Therefore we leave aside junk food, walking and sports, we’re going for the girls. Lay it back on there is no. We must act if we want to look nice at the beach.

I saw a bikini when I go shopping on the weekend and the models I have studied. Let’s Bikini, which was popular models this year?

this year, especially Group 2 very fashionable. In a band such as sugar pastel shades puantiyeli, corals, powders, there are light greens. In the other group, resembling the color of winter, maroon, navy blue, available in black.

pastel shades

Bikini mean, not to say charm. good news for those who think so!Attract the attention of those who want to be simple but elegant, but those who want to look innocent, and the choice of those who want to be as sweet as sugar, soft pastel shades you’ll look really great with Bikinis. I love Bikinis that you can carry on the innocence of a baby.

The Bikinis which can be purchased in pastel shades:

Polka Dot Bikini Penti

Asoc Mint Bikini Team

cotton Bikini coral

Bustier Models

this year adorned in a bikini, also quite fashionable. The clothes are adorned with and frequently met to hold more weight and are really ideal options for you to look different.

Bustier Bikini top:

Bustier Bikini Penti

Bikini lace top looking Penti

dark colors

at first, as I mentioned last year as a continuation of Bikinis and swimsuits in Yesil dark, navy blue, black, Burgundy and mustard yellow too often we see quite fashionable this year. Every outfit with black as a color that is appreciated in the bikini and it looks quite real.

Argento Bikini Khaki

Purple Bikini Ayyildiz

Asoc Saks Blue Bikini

The puskullu

puskullu again last summer, this summer this fashion we can see. Quite nice to Bikinis and bathing suits, you will look very beautiful with tassels that adds a separate air models. Obviously out of fashion tassel will continue to remain on the throne for a while.

Tassels Bikini Penti

Asoc Tassels Bikini Team

Argento Bikini

Cotton Bikini

No Tassels Bikini Gossip

your mayoki

who doesn’t want to wear the swimsuit, bikini and appealing for those who want to be different from those who show an alternative option which is often at beaches mayokini we’ll see. I, too, very much I love creativity in all kinds of clothes, such as numerous models that it can be manufactured mayokini really stunning, it looks very impressive.

Tassels Penti your mayoki

your cotton mayoki

no gossip mayoki your Tassels

are ethnic patterned

the 2014 summer season since this year is experiencing its golden age fashion bomb falling like ethnic patterns. Seems in almost every brand. Accessories, clothes frequently in this fashion, the beach was reflected in the category. This pattern is embellished with adorned with many different models of Bikinis and that is I think it’s really great.

Ethnic Bikini Penti

Ethnic Bikini Cotton

Ethnic Bikini Argento

Ethnic Bikini no gossip


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