3 movie line who left the memories in mind!

based on two Super from CEM ( See, girls and men with money and men 2.meeting) this time I wanted to mention in the movies. Most beautiful I’ve seen in my life, maybe you have been watching this movie even deserves a good shot. Dec Dec to watch them again and again that I didn’t find a thing I’d like to introduce to you excerpts from masterpieces that you can watch lines. 🙂

1. Yesil the way:
I was a kid myself when I first saw it also as a family we watched TRT 1. In acting as the subject of the film was great. A line of and the movie affected me deeply. Well, really why is there evil, but why happen to good people?

2. The shawshank redemption

isn’t it strange man be punished for a crime he didn’t commit. But hope is a good thing, and hope to live to others is a very different thing. a

3. V for Vendetta

A prejudice perhaps my admiration for this film can be broken, but to shred is a separate issue. And there was even a mask that masks the docking Turks and the craze was the secret behind the mask that it wasn’t actually matters.

I have a few left and you also, well guess what 🙂


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