4 Spice, Which Is Beneficial To Your Brain

one of the factors contributing to the development of the most important is how your brain beslendig. What you eat, contribute to the production of healthy neurons. However, while keeping alive the flexibility allows you to keep the endings of neurons in the brain. By eating the right foods, you can strengthen your memory, if your memory is bad.

scientists discovered the benefits of all the nutrients in the world since the sources of food sources began to be investigated, and we have new information about each we begin.

Well, what beneficial to our brain spices together study.

1. Saffron

this intense study and work albeit for a short period in the life of many people caught up in depression or the danger has survived. Because the hustle and bustle of busy, stressful life we’re under pressure.

Here saffron, the psychological disorder of our times and fight depression at the same time, memory skills, and developing is learning. According to the studies, saffron is a spice simple and quite successful in treating moderate depression.

2. Turmeric

this spice originated in India, which gives curcumin its yellow color, contains a substance himself. This ingredient also contains an enzyme that demonstrates the antioxidant properties. With this enzyme prevents the formation of plaque.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory property of turmeric in our day, which is the most important disease of sclerosis and cancer, is struggling.

3. Sage

sage is known for the relaxing effect, many people consumed as herbal tea. We all know that it is useful. But we don’t know exactly what it does.

this spice, which is known as a medicinal plant in our country, a powerful antioxidant and inflammation inhibitors. Ingredients the ingredients in medicines for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in Island Creek are quite similar.

only 50 micro liters (in other words, one in 20000 to 1 liter) sage oil is developing very much the influence of our memories cannot be denied.

4. Cinnamon

you won’t believe it, but even the smell of cinnamon in the opening of the mind is effective. So, even cinnamon gum containing focus, attention and memory are improving significantly. Great benefits with beauty and the smell of both cinnamon spice.


  • prevents clotting of platelets
  • regulates the level of sugar in the blood.
  • it prevents the multiplication of cancer cells in the blood and lymph.
  • anti-microbial feature prevents infections.

what else? The taste of a spice smell so nice, there are so many benefits, while you won’t run out.

many more benefits of the spices that just spoke of the effect on our brains.

love to you all.


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