4 Upset The Girls, Male Pattern

throw in a trip on our own and we girls We’re not broken, don’t worry, you have contributed a lot.Attitude you adopt us, you guys gave us quite breaks.The point is what they are, let’s see 🙂

1.Macho man

OK, make it hard, know your place, don’t do what we say, but in macolugu so rude don’t you think.Macho will be decided too much away when I say heart you’re breaking.

got to love the woman not to break

above us, trying to see yourself in that mirror your attitude.Smart women won’t allow it.

2.Unstable male

male pattern suits you, you should never stay together I didn’t like or acknowledge us, even though you are working complicated can’t be that clarity is not reflected in.One day the other day to say I love you it’s better that we stay friends .They develop different patterns every day.You take a very close look at you suddenly goes away.

I wonder if this relationship I yurutmelim

the behavior you’re questioning yourself if finish unsure of yourself that you don’t directly mirror the events.Men don’t let women into his thinking seeks clarity in complex.Complex thinking a woman easily tired and sad .

3.Producing excuses male

This is the type of man who speaks just to pass the time.Once she got serious, take refuge in various excuses.They would break them because they don’t even know that they want to just get rid of it.Crazy excuses to make ordinary and simple.They’ll do everything he can to create trouble but these.

Excuses don’t defect to

4.Unrelated male

nothing. they act all innocent like I don’t care and they’ll act like it’s caused by the events themselves, even in the US, requirements are not available.You talk and talk about themselves for hours and bidet they provide us with remorse, throws the trip.

give value don’t try to understand Us guys

Girls and gentlemen don’t forget the value of that asset

you don know the woman ‘nafs’ know ‘breath

happy reading 🙂


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