5 Songs That Creates The Desire To Be In Love When You’re Rested

listen to songs like that sometimes, maybe that song was written to a person, but everyone is taken to the top. Have never been in love-house creates even request that.

5-pumps-missing something?

here’s what he says the poet “in you come and Slippers”. Heh, I can go to a human who thinks Slippers. It’s such an intimate thing.

4-Koliva-High towards the mountains

so is this a song hits a chord with people from a heart that is TA. Maybe it really tells how I miss the mountains.

3-Incesaz-Adam and Eve

incesaz Ah oh. What they would tell someone off if they’re getting a blow like that zifiri most of the night. Although not mentioned, the instrument he’s hitting people with the “language”down.

2-Nazan Öncel-don’t go out in this weather

my sister now has it stuck nazan leave behind with the weather that comes up. How naive and don’t go out in this weather. The cold sweat mazallah. In fact, you don’t ever go anyway.

1-Birsen Tezer-Welcome

The song that impressed me the most. You love a person, Sir. Loved how happy you love it. Alone it’s bitter, “too late”.

note:the sort is made according to personal choice.


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