5 tips to impress women :)

first, I think, I’m writing.Please ignore minor errors in my article 🙂

look smart and tough women, although it is actually very simple and stupid.(Male – Female relationships ,of course, normally the difference is in personality.)

impress the girls, guys if you want to achieve more roughly if you want the phrase to pick up on me a few suggestions, tips.

1 – MALE self-confidence

men’s self-confidence confidence is a different thing than what I call normal.Who to play who to go out with a woman who can defend himself , the brave but non-macho male self-confidence is self-confidence.

2 – OVERRATED in your eyes

it’s so fucking cliché, but women too, it’s no biggie, and everything you do.If you do, you lose and always for safety.

3 – smooth talk

is an important issue in the normal life of the conversation , the male-female relationship is more important.If you have a disorder should decrease diction.Alone, a fast-talking guys that some women are attracted to it for you to decide 🙂

4 – pole TELL

guys, this article is really important.

your mind (if you’re horny (proper) way with the opposite sex and correct your transfer. So make a bit a spade. This is a lame situation to make sure that you will be saved from the opposite sex.(To be offensive)


The first character of the girls , then the medicine is, they say. True, but I need some medicine during the breakthrough phase, gentlemen, let’s not kid ourselves, right ? 🙂

finally, you forget one thing and always remember :

women are smart, looking stupid.

I hope that it will help the guys. Thanks for reading .


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