6 Curtail The Situation Who Steal Your Energy!

high-stress job or life, reading, big cities, crowded, bustle and more tired I feel, the degradation of our energy, this can lead to being unhappy.

but don’t know why you’re feeling tired? The reason for this could be one of below…

1. Your body wastes energy to stop the evil
the body work to stand up for a long time, causes a great waste of energy. Bad posture (sway or trailing stop) disrupts the alignment of your spine. How much if it becomes corrupted the balance of your spine, your muscles also it takes so much energy to compensate for this situation.

Solution: standing upright, sitting or while moving your body and you must be sure that your head is on straight. Your head should not fall forward. Align your shoulders with your ears. This will be much better for your posture.

2. Couch or sit in a chair for long periods
for a long time, and have a great impact on reducing your energy sitting in a fixed position certain. For hours, read a book, Watch TV or use the computer, you can drag to this situation than you realize. Because the body is motionless, is the equivalent of sleeping.

The solution: 1 to 2 hours inside the house at the latest get up and walk, do light exercise, frequently stretch. Your body these short breaks will keep you awake.

3. Worry destroys your energy
in the days we can live with the bad things, it can happen to anyone, but all day, worried if we are anxious our heart rate and blood pressure rises, and our muscles will be tightened. This also causes fatigue.

The solution: take some time for yourself to resolve situations that will lead to your concern. To see events from a positive perspective, and work to produce positive solutions. Try to push your mind away from negative situations. Don’t stand empty for hours and think about the problem. The activities that you will be happy with the deal. Go out with your loved ones, travel, have fun. Yourself in this situation will enable you to feel more energetic and happy.

4. To have breakfast with food that is high in carbohydrates
many of us we wake up early in the morning and some of us, some of us going to school. Breakfast croissant or bagel or 1 in the morning most of us as she dodges it. Pastry that contains high carbohydrate foods will cause our blood sugar to rise at a time, and causes a sudden drop in blood sugar within 1-2 hours. In such case, either we’ll run out of energy and exhausted, we’ll be tired.

Solution: remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without skipping this meal, don’t start your day without running out of foods with fiber and protein content. Every day, milk, eggs, such as eat protein-rich foods for breakfast.

5. Found To Be Continuous In A Closed Area

usually in the winter or the life always in a closed environment we live in days when the weather is cold. Work from home work from home lifestyle shaped and this also will cause sunlight to stay away from taking your energy leave you feeling fatigued. It is also to be denied the light of the sun is the harbinger of various diseases.

The solution: go for a 10-15 minute walk every day at least once. Even on cloudy days you must come home and take an air of I’m sure. Clean and open-air will enable you to feel energetic.

6. Very low calorie diets
diet you have a weight problem and if you consume fewer calories than you need to take 500 calories on a daily basis. Because of very low calorie diets, feel tired, causing our energy to be weak. These diets will help you lose weight. Especially the daily intake of 800 calories less than diet low calorie diets prefer and accordingly must not be edinc note that threaten our health.

The solution: lose weight by healthy eating and exercise. Market ready foods and avoid sugary foods, keep the portions small. 1 pound per week is the ideal.


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