7 Advantages Of Being Short

our Turkish women are generally shorter. To be short, it’s always a bad situation. It might seem like there’s no advantage but there are some advantages.

7 – to be cute, you don’t have to do something.

because you are already sweet looking petite. You don’t need to do something extra to make dessert 🙂

6 – It will be a very comfortable trip for you.

tall, bus, plane, etc. they don’t like to travel. The reason is that it doesn’t fit between the narrow seats. Short people can sit in the seat comfortably. Make the trip, and for them it is a great pleasure.

5 – you are always ahead.

the concerts, in the classroom, your height is short, because it always is way ahead in the photographs. ‘No one I wouldn’t bother you 🙂

4 – You always you will be taller than your girlfriend.

your girlfriend is taller than you because you’re a short guy. You can hold him comfortably. You could throw your lover’s hand on your shoulder. In this regard you are very lucky 🙂

3 – You can wear heels. (The Girls Special Article)

it must be the biggest advantage of short girl. When you wear heels, tall and ‘too long I’ve been like this’ he thought. Whenever they want may wear any high heels.

2 – You can get lost.

from an environment that you don’t want (Party, Wedding) you can slip easily. If you do not want to appear in the photographs, you may go back and look at pictures 🙂

1 – You’re always young.

your appearance is always young. Your peers will always look 5-10 years younger. 20s you won’t enjoy this advantage if you will understand the value of 30s too late :))


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