7 Difference between male and female

a few differences between men and women.

from the difference between a man and a woman when the subject came up, we all more or less the same that comes to our mind.Except for the obvious differences here, I want to talk about my characteristic detection.

physical structures on both sides, lifestyle is due to a different working brain and the brain has a direct effect on the structures of the characters are also different.

if I have to briefly mention.

The Women act with their emotions and men with their heads.

I’m talking to adulthood.After settling in as full of personality…

contrary to popular belief, more men than women emotionally it seems to me.Are very impulsive.Our ability to make sound decisions possessing hormones in our body kind of takes it out of our hands.Women are different from men, are more cautious.They’re trying to gauge the situation before you step on every aspect of everything.Perhaps, with this Act brings to the errors that are emotional at a younger age, I don’t know.

due to unknown reason women are more emotional is totally being a drama Queen.Feelings 1, 10 exaggerating show, to expose feelings that live inside protecting men points to the fact the exact opposite.

In general terms, we think more before we act.

Women want excitement in a relationship, Men of peace

a woman in the true sense of never consummate a relationship, I don’t think you’d want to live in.They get bored.You get a pinch in the relationship you are craving, you’re in a fight, jealous and kiskanils, want to break hearts.

all men want peace and comfort.Fights navigated with a phone, the speed dial numbers are three digit combo to the head as a result of an explosion or instant only our efforts to work out buddies it’s fun.

we want from you, a bit of refreshment.Ultimately, that’s our objective, love.To complicate what does it mean? Let Vin Diesel’s action live.

a woman’s weapon Mind Games, men’s brute force

The men is bound to do when you’re very nervous.It’s a fight.The Parties to each other, enters, and closes the event there.At the most, a rematch is made more crowded, the more you won’t grow.

if a woman earned the hatred of only if you sleep with your eyes open helps.Over time, there may be cases where things began to go wrong in your life.Without you, someone sneaky plan and she’s trying to implement every possible way.

which one is more effective?

Women, cat, Dog, men

Yes.Definitely the most familiar species representing two animals, cat and dog.

you have to promise her something to win the hearts of cats, dogs they just love you they’ll be hooked and only want to rub your head even.

comfort is fond of Cats.Hot dogs-cold calls, kalender animals.

cats are cool, dogs are friendly.

Ingratitude-sadiklik thing I don’t have.

The Fussy Women, Men focuses on the results

he wore black shoes for women the oncoming person, include dark pants, t-shirt or wearing a shirt, a suit is compatible with used parts or not, long or short, is a type that does not trust or innocent.Anyway.

for us, the oncoming person is a person.

women, Arts, men’s sports are inclined to

now a guy come out and “run unless a dog is chasing me, I don’t swim in the sea, not just the girl I go to cut.”Varies from person to person but in general the action of testosterone hormone in men intense forces.

The woman is more stable.Doesn’t like physical fatigue.Besides, the more highly developed aesthetic perceptions.

why is the writer-poet and painter has an overwhelming advantage in the number of men if you say that, I don’t know.

more women than men Happy


Many will riot pink I know, but a fact that civilized women than men in cities is a very serious advantage.

while a few may be a girl with average looks dear, it’s really hard for men to start a relationship.Gone pear-shaped, it’s not a matter of supply and demand.When attacked men more than a woman’s heart a man’s heart is becoming more expensive.

in women than in men to be a little bit lucky in the way are addressed in more detail can be found here.

I’m at the end of the period I set for myself.

good night.


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