8 You Think The Girls Themselves Look Fetching Feature

The men finds girls so attractive, up and down is evident.Sometimes, the girls misunderstand us.Male he created in his own imagination, are embracing their appreciation.

The girls are really not as attractive as they think I wanted to touch on the features.Both men to explain a little bit, but I think I might be useful to help the girls.

I’ll tell you in the beginning.

The men, 0% of the idea of the subject, not the one I think !

I have observed spontaneously, it contains the thoughts of many of the men that I think are the issues.

one of the men comes up to me and I don’t think, like you said, lesson idea, rot.Exception to the rule.


Indeed, a fuller chest and hips like plump men.

most thin girls, sports for not doing the hips and legs very dry. kaliyor.ee the lesser a bit of body fat breasts getting smaller.Feminine physical features of just “lumbar curve”.

Fish in girls that men want meat close to the standard chest and hip.But he dangling from the waist oils where will you put it?Those broad shoulders, overly thick legs, with arms as thick kombinlenin etlilig the benefits of fish are going down.

lost in the folds of fish meat on one side, one side more dry when there’s a weak girl, it’s the lesser of two evils choice, of course.

what men want in general terms, weak-gobeksiz minimum body fat.Weak on physics and sports built-in, lightweight, thick legs, and tight plump butt, breasts reached a certain standard if it is added consists of the concept of ideal physics.

See. Sophie Howard-Kate Bock-Helga Lovekaty.

no mention buxom obese who thinks the secret for Yourself.


isn’t he sweet, girls.Really.

If this sloppy attitude with you despite that I think if you have a girlfriend who love your movement, your eyes are very beautiful.I don’t know what your measurements are or wonderful.Repelling this brought to your property may have a soft heart that will cause people to sweep this under the rug.

heavy manners sufficiently calm and sympathetic and makes you look sexy.Let’s say that tells me that even if you how you want it to look.

I suggest that we be ripe.

the tall

Here I’ve seen too many questions about it.”Men would find sexy short girls don’t think.”

once the girls seksapelit (I hate that Word too) is not determined by size.The girls are attracted to every man that suits your own size. 1.75-1.80% male, 1.75% of the girls will not attempt to.1.60 would be on of the girls in a man’s interest is usually of medium height.Tall men, of course, compatible with your own paint, tall girls like.

for example, the models on the catwalk is too long.We’re fans of our model.Pay attention to the model, most of them in length below 1.70 percent.

I mean, the tape-measure parallel to your height when you hold it sideways and your not open you the results of your body wrap is important.

so 1.55% Shakira adolescents adorn their dreams over a long period.


let’s let some sin 🙂

The important thing is that if we do not convince ourselves of the lies in your head I have used many times.Ugly people, “you clever boy, you’re a smart girl, saying” You’re solace in that we totaled.But when it comes to love, Intelligence, due to I have seen one with us always as a friend.

is that a lie?

Darling, I don’t mean silly, don’t shoot.Who would not want a smart dear? Let’s face it, the brain does not fall in love.It is hoped that the person you loved would be found in.The brain, that person holds in our lives.Petting it can’t be a mental thing that drives our impulses.

Carlos Martin’s IQ is not very important.Kate Upton idiots, we love too.

the homeless, not eat each other.


I keep it a little more separate from the others.Some of the girls laughing and smiling with your eyes, shines like a little trapped.That’s another thing.

just for girls until the impact of a smile is created, doesn’t happen.

The Girl, “why you’re in love” only question, Can you say yoneltinc smile, and the smile of the person who is in love can write a novel on.In men, this degree dependence is a smile.

I say, ” if a girl makes impact 8 out of 10 men of 2 degrees makes an impact.


Girls thinks that hard-faced girls we find this sexy, soft-faced girls – “adorkable” makes us childish.


women are extremely distasteful harsh facial features.Nice-looking innocent girls cheeks squeezing against hissedilense beyond.

the seemingly innocent girl is hot.The seemingly innocent girl is hot.A sweet face and soft, sexy woman.

the hardness can be tolerated in man.Not the women.

The girl who escaped


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