A couple of tips for anyone who is in love :)

Hi guys,

This is my first experience with CEM, I acquired a few myself I’d like to tell you about. Everyone I know says I’m sure had something, but hopefully it helps. I can ease a bit the pain of love. Forgive me if I have spelling mistakes

Yes, let’s kurtulucaz terms of how those we love will be that first thing in your note that you don’t wanna! I have done each activity but somehow I can’t forget you cried I’m so lonely he’s all I have thoughts like marine force enough to leave yourself time to come

instead of crying smile 🙂 every decent laugh

music and most importantly, emotional vascular Arabesque you can’t get rid of this pain by listening to this kind of songs that remind you of the words of a donkey you go back to the start memories come to mind

accept to face in this phase you will pass all of these stages the adolescent fits and gibberish words, words of love, words like I miss you don’t say won’t come into your life and show yourself come in a little to go again

we did what we do, but in my mind I don’t forget

you should make yourself happy you know what you will be happy with what you most love and do things that you never tried it you have not sanani he shit himself boxing a punching bag as I went to bringing to mind I started hitting it feels so good

tire yourself out

involuntary cry alone at night outweighs the feelings to life and by doing this you are throwing up you can’t understand yourself you don’t like Boxing Day shopping to do we do that walk when you get home tired tamamlamadig go lie in the bed you sleep body does what it needs I mean how you connect to that you need not cabalas

stop following

don’t follow any social accounts from him to look at him from profile in your life Now that you have what are you looking is over just accept that I don’t care about

don’t go into loser mode when I saw him SOBBING MODE

think about it-AA stuff that was there.I don’t care smile

spend time with friends

you don’t talk about talk about him every minute not to mention that if you hit the gas, you know what to do with that anger so you can be in the event you give your friends are bored every minute Pep

it’s gonna be a beauty care

swollen eyes from crying at night because I’m heartsick and I don’t know a damn thing around in front of him put everything around not starving

your destiny no one does that, he will come sooner or later.

dear goods that do not enter to search you have no right to hurt someone because of it!

if you’re guilty do not pay attention, but admitted him as opposed to specific your love but also your love of someone special days in a row if you have forgotten your right to be hurt by yourself if you don’t have to do things that you love will be forgiven

install I had trouble with the photos I wanted to decorate with photos, but it’s too good 🙁 there are so many places I haven’t written, my time was limited I hope I helped

you are loved KS PARENTS :*


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