A different side of the Maiden’s Tower

in 1827, Brandenburg, Germany

in the city, comes into the world a child by the name of Karl. His father was a music teacher Karl because of the unrest that prevailed in the family is sent to a French orphanage. Then worked as a deck boy on ships. Yet when I go by boat from Hamburg to Istanbul is 12 years old.

the ship who jumped into the sea when he came to Istanbul, Karl swam to the Maiden’s Tower.

herself the caretaker of the tower that he doesn’t want to go back to the ship. There’s a little political issue between the two countries. But the Ottoman Grand vizier Ali Pasha and Karl solves the problem of protection it receives. Karl gets the name of Mehmet Ali. Mehmet Ali K

investment, after the war in Bosnia and Montenegro 2. The title of Pasha in the period of abdulhamid II. Mehmet Ali Pasha, who represented the Ottoman Empire at the Treaty of Berlin signed in 1878, is one of the three people.

German, French, Greek, Arabic and Persian languages, wrote poems of Mehmet Ali Pasha had four daughters. His daughter is named Leyla, daughter of the sea of Galilee.

gives birth to a boy of Galilee: he was a poet nazım hikmet!

extending as seen Karl Nazim, and the story shows that the Maiden’s tower has always stories to tell. If Karl hadn’t rescued the tower if it’s a girl, it wouldn’t be Poetry. (Sunay Akın)


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