A Few Pointers To Introverted People

Hi, this is CEM introverted people I want to say something:

be the person you want to be: to adopt the opinions of others like your own opinion of others, the truth is that you may have wrong with you, do not allow for this. Again if you are good or bad, whether you your best, you cannot vazgecsen being we evolve.

make sure to see nature: the best way to escape from the grueling pace of everyday life, stay with yourself in nature. Exercise in a beautiful place, take the sea air, the fish hold, and relax under the sun.

give up the work of the group: if not force and should not. If they are voicing their opinion in a group, if you can work only if you are falling behind, this is a shame. Within the group are voicing your own ideas, the thoughts of others to your advantage if you are moving with that group, it’s not zarariniza. In Short, not to show himself in the Group, must stop being a disadvantage.

just because the others said Don’t give up on your self: they call me, “a bit talkative, let’s be aggressive.” etc., but I’m not giving up my self.

according to the research: introverted people are more successful people outward, I didn’t make that up, this is a proven scientific explanation. Why introverted people are more successful? Because their idea doesn’t look like these individuals the ideas of others, reveal their own ideas, not to any stimulus from the outside mahruz.

being an introvert is not a devavantaj, if you know how to use it leads to your success.

Thank you to everyone who reads.


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