A friend.. :)

all these people misunderstand me. I’m Very Affectionate with everyone, almost everyone quickly because I’m baglaniveriyo I’m confident. of course, if this was how all people when I could trust with this huh D trust me, it’s just it’s like he says to shoot him in the back duh. I’m counting on you. Yes, most likely you’re going. both or you’re going to bother you a lot or I did something wrong. so, it’s probably because of me you will go. I want you to know, even though I knew how it would go. I know, I’m boring you too much, I talk too much, I know I’m asking too many questions. but I value you too much for that. you say you’re going to do that with every person. No, I’m not like that against every man. say. for example, let’s say I bought in the market just because you say I love you that I have received Pin Buckle, uncle I say, I love you so. you can’t understand the difference. so, all of the people I know I have another. I will kiss my mother with me kiss you, hold you I’m my friend, I will never be the same. for example, in ECE, I’m hang on to it, I wouldn’t be holding the return. I hope you understand me, duh. thought you said you already go so. for me it was better if you’d killed. never leave you I won mkII. never ever leave anyone that I didn’t. what I know for me anyway no matter what they do birakmiycag them they treated me like that. I will not leave you without you giving up on me, trust me. don’t say I’m never lonely. I am with you always. your actions forever. yeah I may have told bissur people talk about this, but to tell you, and parents tell them different jobs that yaaa. you don’t understand me off :'( :'( :'( said a thing to behold. I did you a favor, so I feel the need to do something to me when you said it.there’s nothing like that. all I want is to help people out a bit when I enter life. for example, your cousin that I said to myself, this disease will cure him. water cleaning thing. that did do me a favor. no, he didn’t. I’d do whatever I can to make her better but that would leave me, but he did. anyway, it’s his business. as for you. I want you to be happy. I am someone who is happy with others being happy. you :d you know you’re doing water mark. in the world is happening to me, believe me 🙂 I have had no urge or yaa beats me to see you so happy 🙂 🙂 I want to be with you. I have to be with allow. I’ll be your best friend forever. let ??? 🙂 🙂 🙂


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