A great uncle, you’re a terrible father

Hi, dad.

do you recognize me? Do you recognize the girl of 18 years? We live in the same house. Eating at the same table, we’re drinking. Do you know my birthday dad? You know my favorite color or my favorite food?

you don’t know. Never knew it already. But I know everything, dad. Sugary drinks tea 2, tea spoon, tea bowl, tea Cup, plate, spoon, fork I knew which one it was.

I know you like Blue the most. I know you love meat like you don’t like vegetables. I know that 44 is the number of shoes. Weight 80, height is 185 I know. I know that was cheating on my mother for 10 years!

when I was 8 years old because we don’t have money you wouldn’t have taken me anything I wanted. I wouldn’t want to because I don’t. But we have the money, I know. Why don’t you said I know, dad. That’s ‘ of love with your money marrying off their daughter. They were your family, dad. We we’ve truncated in your life !

we’re supposed to be but we’re there. Women that cry out for our family at home my mother I know you’ve been with sefa. Every night after we made plans to meet women in sleep dating I know. P*if it came from a porn site, leave us all alone when I know that every chance you get ! You everything I know, dad.

2. I was going to class. I was looking on the internet test for my math homework. Behold, the power comes and goes back for a second. It was so and I lost the page. I called my brother to come out of the room. But she was watching TV and I lost the page that said that I could get past. I found the recipe in accordance with the history.

this page looking for my own p*rno I went to the site which is written. 8-year-old is child porn know what, dad? I thought it was my homework. Saw the bad things, and immediately turned it off, dad. Of course, after 1 week in the past I learned that there are sites that have been previously entered. Then I started looking into the past every day.

your passwords is always the same, dad. Date of birth .

I’ve read Facebook talk with women in Bad, dad. 8 years old I saw what those women said. I went to many sites on the same day. At that time, cyberspace was famous. the game is also playing the game, I didn’t know that he was always on the side of the site. You’ve been enrolled in there as well, dad. To bad you talked with them. Why did you do it? Did we give you enough? Did you love it?

when I was a kid, dad. You tell them not to have known I couldn’t. After my spanking you when I say this, I realized I never ask you anything I couldn’t. You’ve been beaten with a rolling pin on me, dad. My 2 ribs broke when I was 8 years old. My mom kanatmis each side in the front while he begged you not to do it, dad.

my mom cry and my head in the hospital for several days while you wait, you never have, dad. The doctors said my mother asked me what happened when you fell out of the bunk. Because he loved you. You were important to her. Because he didn’t know what he did to my mother.

I’m 9 years old now, dad. You still have the same things going on. I had a sick brother in my house. You you wouldn’t have taken his meds. Because we didn’t have money. (!) However, at that time we all knew that the Father pay 4000 ytl. We are also going to buy my brother’s the cost of patient care. What women that you have slept with. I saw the messages on your phone, dad.

2000 YTL’s account I’m sending that woman wrote.However, my favorite buddy so wouldn’t 10 ytl.

if I want to hug you when you’d fire me, dad. Because you’d be tired. He worked hard, or. The women that I was very angry. I blame them for you not. I didn’t know you’d be pissed. I’ll fix everything, I thought. The woman that I called him. I shouted to him what I told him.

I told her to leave my father. Let us go let love. I told my dad that. I said a lot dad. from a child if it improves on what I told them.But you beat me again. Get dad. As much as you want beat. But please love us.

you’re seeing them now I’m 12 years old and still. I couldn’t stand it anymore, dad. I told my mom what happened. Showed him everything. She cried a lot. My mom took me to spill garbage and that we won’t even pardesus walked straight in the house for 2 hours. Straight , without any hesitation.

and then he stopped and said I’m doing. Bring me in and the house locked. A few things, took some money and went home. Go out on the balcony, mom don’t go, just screaming I cried.

I’ve inletmis the whole neighborhood. Everyone the window, gathered on the balcony. What is this boy’s yelling. My mom is nothing at all like you, dad. She couldn’t bear it and came back to me. That evening argued. When entered together, I was beaten up again.

livid, I went all over the school. During recess my teacher approached me as a friend sobbing. I told him everything. Told me it was good. After that day I didn’t open this thread again.

8. I had just finished class now. I 487.890 an average of SBS. Amasya Macit Zeren science high school, I won. School 1.side I was, like every year. Wouldn’t let me read it, you did not keep me, dad. I was going to fix a brain surgeon and my brother.

don’t let me from realizing my dream. Sent me a course on the Koran. . Maybe this time you loved me. It wasn’t a problem for me. Both Hz. Maybe God would be pleased with me. I know you asked for my favor. ‘I love you still.

but now I grew up, dad! I am 18 years old now. I don’t think is innocent no longer. Now, I know that it’s not a crime women. You! You everything you wanted.

it has been 10 years you haven’t changed in the slightest and you, dad. Still don’t like us. Anyway I don’t want now. We call you father, nor my mother’s cooking us what you do because you deserve it! You never do anything you haven’t earned it, dad. My little brother always kept on hand. But dad I was gone. You know. Now I hate you.

your nephews loves you very much. Because of you, a gift for each you get for the money spent on them. A feast harcliksiz them didn’t. Always loved them. Went to visit constantly.

what you gave me, dad? Don’t you love me! You didn’t water her head down for once in my life. I’m always proud of you son. Did you hear about me always. I didn’t try that with empty things. You don’t like but still not what you know.

if there are other women there or nephews. I’m jealous of them, dad. Both Yes I’m jealous like crazy. I wanted to be in their shoes How do you know? How much I cried, how much I prayed you don’t know.

but remember this. No longer you do not care in the slightest. Because you

a great uncle, you’re a terrible father!


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