A guest on the door of your heart he stole?

Hi. I am with the first. I like to scribble something on my own. You’re the first reader. I hope you like it.


a very short word, perhaps, but it contains a big meaning for most of us. Meaning, memories, dreams, disappointments, sorrows, happiness, hopes, tears.

while this may be the reason some people cling to our life, our day and night into some shuffle.

The first sight, the first heart to move, at first.

pray for it to be able to see.

I always think of her.

to give him a hug, want to take a whiff.

if not, I think it couldn’t get with anyone. Self-suffering.

emotions are too much for his heart couldn’t bear to don’t want to admit.


think that will fail.

edememe courage.

suffer more.

tasiyamama your feelings.

it crushes under heavy load.

you can find that insane courage to admit.

different things depending on the response.

if you got a positive response from her, the whole world will be yours.

sugar left in the hands of a little child that live for the happiness you gave.

so pure, innocent, an inexplicable happiness.

waking up with him every day, finish the day with her.

hopes and dreams, dreams.

that you think is meaningless in the face, but the reason the ‘O’ smiles around distribution.

a beautiful life together with endless love and faithful step.

how can you tell?

what happens then?

day Haram, the night dungeon.

time passes, life does not end.

able to laugh, can not cry.

not being able to shout, I can’t share.

Communication is obscured.

Time to abandon the try, but not being able to keep up with time.

I hope that someone don’t feel this helpless, don’t live.

who is God in your heart, you send it. I hope your world is a lie your soul rose to heaven you’re the one who sync you get all your heart for your garden. Have a happy day.


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