A Wonder Takeshi Kitano: Zatoichi

I think this will appeal to the tastes of those who love Samurai and swords. Of course, those who admire Kitano films.

tonight’s CEM, famous and much-loved film belongs to the great master of Japanese cinema Takeshi Kitano zatoichi quite sharp and naive.

let’s take a brief look into the history of zatoichi before: Zatoichi is actually a very famous series in Japan. From the beginning of the last blind and a master swordsman is a different story.

to keep from being the Director I’m going to share with my zatoichi, Takeshi Kitano’s 2003 scenario and the role of the bass always in touch with it a Japanese film. The content of drama, crime, action and the Japanese from place to place-specific understanding gives mizahsal a comedy. Meet the players if you wish:


  • Takeshi Kitano – Zatoichi
  • the tadanob Asano – Hattori Gennosuke
  • Minutes Yuko – Geisha Okinu Naruto
  • Daigoro Tachibana – Geisha Seitaro ‘Osei’ Naruto
  • Gadarukanaru Taka – Shinkichi

The film’s score, the visuals and the rest of the cast you can check out here.

let’s the topic of our film.

in the movie is quiet, calm and very drunk, or some personality aka zatoichi Ichi the realm to the realm of travel. To pay a place to sleep and a drink from time to time, chiropractors, too. Another contribution which is exceeded by hearing blindness is pressed, the tables at shows. Sometimes willingly and sometimes the cold kiss of steel earns money. Dusunedursun him an ordinary blind everyone, a very skilled swordsman.

one day, he went out with his friend very funny and pure in a casino in the town where he meets with two Geisha shinkichi.

Zatoichi, the blind has with a sense that despite being one of the young Geisha that is different from feels. Geisha in the past because of the destruction by a mob of parents swore an oath of Vengeance. For this reason, they’ll try to find and kill the gang members one by one.

Here, the blind man that comes their way, they want help from.

on the other hand, a samurai Ronin Hattori Gennosuke who was a stray in order to provide a better life for his sick wife, looking for a job that will do justice to the profession.

from time to time, the memories of past live and goes after them on his own. Was still looking for a job, on a day when the parents of the Geisha offered a job by a gang who slaughtered him. Of course, it must prove itself before, and for this reason, attack rival gangs will be tested.

on the one hand, the identity of the gang Ichi the secret boss wanting him dead. On the other hand, the Ronin are prepared to settle a score with this young blind man. And now the challenge of zatoichi Ronin approached. Well, who will be the winner?

Zatoichi structure on the one hand, and the feudal system of Japan at that time offering to the suffering of the people while on the other hand, we are accustomed to since childhood for the concept of Japanese humor and comedy is a good example. The drama which it contains, also, is another thing. Both already veteran Director Takeshi Kitano in designing both the acting and the film says there is more to be said the success.

If you want to watch one of the examples of Japanese cinema, and if you’re curious about this historic zatoichi also invite you to watch the film version of the series. I hope you like it. Here’s a sample scene:

stay in good health and peace.


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