Advice On How To Avoid The Smell Of Sweat

the weather is warming up, summer is coming. The hot weather, of course, the most beautiful weather. Sea, sand, sun, summer, ice cream, open air… what more can we ask for?

there are many positive side Type. Also a negative side that has almost everyone’s nightmare. What I’m talking about, Of course, the smell of sweat and sweating. Against the other on the subway, on a bus Packed we hear often takes discomfort. Exact opposite is the situation, we feel bad about ourselves, “I wonder, do I smell sweat right now?” thoughts like we’re drawn to. Not enough, we try to smell our pits sly.

Well, can we prevent this troublesome situation? Of course Yes!

here you suggestions that will save you from this nightmare…


perhaps the most important factor. We need to take a shower every day in the summer. Because we’re sweating much more quickly than in the cold winter months. Sweat less of a problem if you Shower regularly encounter.

Stick under the arm,

this armpit sticki produced by many brands, and also prevents the formation of odor and prevents sweating. Dove, rexona, nivea products on the market such as you can find many brands stick. Prices usually 5-6 TL.

Underarm roll-on

Returns the title and instead stick with the fluid that you can opt for another product. The above mentioned brands of roll-on version is also produced, but these products as I prefer the ones that stick instead of ease of use.


there is a deodorant that serves the same function as-and again, similar products in the form of deodorant brands also increased. Whichever suits you, it is more practical if you can choose which one to use.

for me the most ideal stick version.

Important Note: We need to alone we have a situation be dismissed. As you know, many people are now quite popular in recent years the laser the feather and began to prefer. If you do not use these products if you are having laser your underarm area because these products nourish hair follicles. You as long as you use these products-as soon as you have the hair problem, you will not get the desired result from the laser. It is not probability. The result that is precise and clear.

Natural mineral smell of sweat Preventers

do you have a solution for this situation? Course for those who go to Laser Hair Removal options available. These products are natural mineral salt content according to you. Transfer and these products that you can find in some pharmacies and odorless, and prevents the sweating and also smell. Biolife, brands such as Jolie, we strongly recommend that you try the products that are sold in the form of. Transfer from TL 20 bought.

The usage patterns as follows: the seat you want under you in the palm lasts for 20 seconds before use.

Cotton products

our T-shirts, T-shirts and blouses instead of cotton polyester material our materials we have to choose from. Because cotton products allows the passage of air. The passage of air in the polyester suit our encounter with the problem of the smell of sweat, because it is not very likely the case.

Baby powder

you can also use a small amount of baby powder to your armpits sweat barrier. So I tried baby powder alone product then the effect of that was less than others I saw. But, of course, the day this is a product with redeeming qualities. Suppression doesn’t stop you from sweating, just because of sweat, odor preventing penetration.

The smell of sweat that would be useful to those who can cope with the problem, I think.

Thank you for reading.


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