Advice that will help you lose weight

in the past I used to eat to live and live to eat. I gave 17 pounds in 4 months. To lose weight in a way that allows the factors I’m sharing with you my mistakes and very short.

1-water consumption:I’m not talking about this, everyone already has heard a million times that you should still consume plenty of fluids get a reminder that ultimately the importance of water consumption for your health is very important.


I didn’t mean to I don’t like to do sports in my life . Every day I made the 1 hour trek and it was very enjoyable for listening to music in the order that I wasn’t bored.

3-Changes in nutrition

Turkish meals are often fat, salt,sugar. Moreover, nowadays lots of people consume processed products. First, you should give up on it. Your favorite meals, healthy snacks and low-calorie diet and never try to make a version ready to run out of the product it is a product even. They look too innocent to afford on the name diet products DIET ! They are biscuits but none of the calories less than normal. It’s usually the purpose of keeping satiated diet products, but people think they can consume as much as they want of diet, the word deceived and they’re wrong.

*avoid eating too much fat in food

*start to drink your tea unsweetened. After a while, you will be amazed how your sugary drink

* minimize your salt consumption

* don’t make a mistake so don’t let yourself go hungry

*Monday at the latest even if you broke diet, don’t wait for continue the next day

*stable or you can’t apply any of them

* eat hearty meals

*watch your portions and plates reduce

* just focus on the food while eating

* try baking instead of frying with less oil

good luck if you don’t have your commitment that matters, the rest will never happen


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