Advice To New Male Members

growing day by day in the social networking site kizlarsoruyor new members, coming to a place yet that they should do what before you know how taking inexperience, and we all know they are simple questions that we see. Mistakes they shouldn’t have done most of the other members are also violating the rules of the site at the beginning is very disturbing.

instead of looking at the help page Inquire several simple questions the innocence of those who forget. Of those men who think girls are the only site that doesn’t ask, just ask the girls that one of those who believe that the site is as we all know is wrong. I think in most questions being asked by men kizlarsoruyor. Even I can’t keep up to speed on the Live screen.

well-known as one of the most important of the simple questions I’ve seen on the site, and I want to make all the girls that complain about issues addressed and recommendations.

Site if you are located in order to make fun of if you’re in the wrong place. People give answers troll questions for the purpose of getting help as well as sincerely to the opposite side it is sacrilege, please don’t do this. If you do not have to answer if you don’t have the information.

to achieve a certain level by giving irrelevant answers quickly in a serial manner, is disrespectful to the whole community to work to reach your goal. As everyone knows, there is a preventative system. Members who could not reach the level Xper4 sex-related they can’t share. For this, take your time, we’ll be here tomorrow and we all the site isn’t running.

this site call a friend, or a dating site. The purpose of the members not so with this girl. So, the girls here just in order to ask questions and have fun here. Some malicious members, I say to meet girls that think like this, dating, or sexual partners to search for it is not here. Don’t take this as their potential partners or beloved them.



  • dispose of messages the purpose of the meeting.
  • do not write opinions or comments on the nature of the harassment.
  • disturbing messages, opinions and comments do not write.
  • please be respectful of yourself first and then for the girls here. Done to one of your own family, attitudes and behaviors that you do not want do not do to others. The dignity of manhood shaming behaviors to insult other men at the same time, affects the status of other men who are not up to no good.

    no one here does not know how to your body or your sexual organs. Private message sent to them that they are bothered by the girls at every opportunity within the site shares.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope joy share.


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