Aesthetic age is shrinking ?

BEFORE after plastic surgery-COLLEGE RECORD…

The career ladder quickly, the youth receives support for what they build lasting relationships aesthetic surgery.

The growing interest in plastic surgery in young patients, especially in the first year of college or after graduation at the beginning of professional life is revealed. This period for young people permanent friends, became friends period.

In recent years, University attendance among young people who finished high school by having plastic surgery draws attention to the request. Dr. Ahmet Sönmez Professor of plastic reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, bone and body structure from the properties of your doctor to choose on so many issues he wanted parents to be careful of.

before he could start College before nose job…

Doc Dr Ahmet Sönmez, ‘Again, a mother, father and young daughter standing in my office, I saw a trio of consultation of the question that a lot of people are wondering, I need to ask myself what I heard. The age of Aesthetic Surgery shrinking? Yeah, it’s really from the consultation with parents, young people, College age, yet we meet with more frequently in recent years. Especially in the summer mostly out of your training nose surgery, ear surgery, liposuction surgery and breast augmentation patients, and sometimes refers to a plastic surgeon for surgery, it’s sometimes necessary sometimes that stems from aesthetic preference stated.

promotion gift of plastic surgery. grade

The College Kids who would like to see the beginning of the career parents, children and the Elimination of defects in business wants to start with a new image and new friends into their environment. For this, we are coming to the consultation with their children. Doc Dr Sonmez ‘mostly at least one of the parents are strongly encouraging me to surgery. Even the parents who think this operation are found in the form of passing the class as a gift.

the Aesthetic of the age is shrinking?

Dr. Ahmet Sönmez Professor of plastic reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, ‘there is increasing interest in aesthetic operations in the world. In America, years 2001 and 2009 has increased by 20 percent the number of aesthetic interventions in the bee. The increase is especially seen in people over the age of 50, while the rate among young people fell. The increasing number of applicants, the number of young people who have the surgery as give the impression that it was growing. The situation is different in Turkey said. Doc Dr Sonmez, plastic surgeons in practice more than ever before, young patients are accepted, and that in this society of Aesthetic Surgery aesthetic surgery with special interest in age of the population rather than the increase stems from, while an increasingly broader base of Aesthetic Surgery have begun to spread in the society, he underlined.

parents attention…

Doc Dr Ahmet Sönmez, ‘aesthetic interventions are usually for a correct approach to wait till the age of 18. This term is accepted and the child has already finished high school and started College when I was the age of majority. Sometimes, however, medical necessity resides in the times, for example, overly large breasts reduced in order to prevent back pain and skeletal deformities, the surgery can be done earlier when you say, ‘Here’s the most important issue at a young age, already emotionally volatile in a period, the patient wanting the surgery was to investigate whether realistic causes. Another important point is the selection of the doctor in terms of the patient. Young people at the same time the doctor who operated on her just not a plastic surgeon by acting as a life coach, should help to make the right decision for himself. Already parents, and in cases where collaboration is good communication between patients and doctors, the best results will be obtained said.


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