Alzheimer’s Disease, Gangrene, Bedridden Dating

First, the plight of the elderly, I want to talk about the diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, gangrene. I can’t tell my grandma about this, tomorrow we’ll grow old one day.

at grandma sane, healthy person who would pray the Rosary when you pull the excess was cursed, he was cursed to tell the kids, my God, give Omar Hassan al, from Al zainab Fatima give to hadrat ‘ Umar, zaynab al from give, mehmet leave his wife and come to my door 3cocuguyla would like to curse all the time.

The hurt go away or would come to us again in the evening he would curse God or not, if not my tongue she was fucking, she was fucking my finger if I hadn’t, it was fucking magic during my aunt and my foot hadn’t dabbled in that in case a woman Dec.

remember, always young, healthy kalmiycaz what we do today we’ll push them tomorrow.

this occurred about 15-20 years ago here in the first place, my grandmother has diabetes, the doctor gave splenda instead of sugar in tea, but my grandma, she didn’t use it properly.

neighborhood and that neighborhood would go out seems to hurt us they would look for sees by chance that my father would go to my dad.a few times he has the beginnings of Alzheimer’s my mom my aunt, my aunt didn’t get to stay with mom

it’s slander, and called you crazy you want to yatirtmak to the hospital, they said.

however, one day in the summer he had Bell’s palsy due to wind on the day of my brother’s wedding was at the hospital, the doctor gave me medication and sent me home.

it was during this time the right ones. Completely under my grandmother started to miss my mother, my aunt,have indicated that gold will be the best again activated to connect the input,

There is no such thing misses miss 2-3 drops washed through. they said.

already at that time, my grandmother was baglatmiy of mind that my grandmother had even less. My grandmother was nobody home time we stayed a verb from this disease.

, 1 months passed, my mother felt the coldness in her feet. falling in yurudigun get up and were noticed, tried to keep your feet warm after 1-2 days, call again and reported the situation halay,

in his hand, standing up to go to the hospital and got the changes made to the project, there are like ice and she fell, he said. give the fuck my aunt.

they couldn’t bear to mom and dad because of this situation, and they took him immediately to the hospital during a doctor’s supervision they learned that is the beginning of gangrene. and all the news delivered immediately to my aunt’s amcalata they came. improvement efforts into the doctor they tried to cure for 1-2 weeks but in vain.

usually gangrene due to embolism from smoking than people who think that, unfortunately, my grandmother never smoked cigarettes and hated it. cause diabetes gangrene from measures taken during that are not welded.

The bruises on her hands and feet started turning blue occurring thoroughly. my aunt had to be cut in surgery and I wanted to help prevent again objected, then take doktirlar, wrap it around your body then your body will get every single one of trash they said, my aunt 1*2 again when he took to the hospital came to the hospital.

And as a result of the surgery, below the knee and from the hand 1parmagi went. more Alzheimer’s, increased, irritability, anger, yelling, I was listening to all our site, rwi, aunts and uncles, no one he didn’t want to eat, don’t talk about the past she used to swear the baby would have been a dream. grandma passed 7yil hiatus left cursing, shouting interrupted, it’s quieter, during a check of the doc, the doc was surprised was saved from diabetes gone insulin injections.

but even your own daughter tanimiycak. home care allowance by the state was coming from the doctor and by the doctors began to give my grandma and my aunt for months due to maintenance they took it to court with the request to take the lie and slander, until after 10 years bought from us :))

sometimes I think a curse is ruining the lives of people,how

he said Let go of my hand and went, you just said you broke my foot cut off, and has become the talk cut off my tongue you said.

actually, to me, is that the kids didn’t want him holding my grandmother lived an exemplary event, it does not hold always at its most basic level, appeared to have the son without support. she wanted my dad and mom if they didn’t give a nursing home.

think while you curse and go, regret it and again, most of you don’t neglect your doctor for a little complaint. With diagnose diagnosed after being treated for hour at first have to face major challenges.

Healthy, happy, peaceful day.



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