An end to the disaster with the aesthetic profilolift

the old pictures and notice your reflection in the mirror, the implication that you go under the knife? But, in magazines and newspapers that you see in their eyes the tragedy of the aesthetic scare you, talk you out of it. While waiting to be uncovered and defects flourish more surgery, worse than before results can be obtained. For example, when dangling gerginlesirk your cheeks, your nose may appear to be low. Profilo Lift steel technology combining experience with op. Dr. Naji called correcting a single region, instead of implementing a system that favors him with the other regions the proportions. You want to change the operation of the system as a result of the patient’s area to be aligned with other regions, it is more economical and requires us to heal in a short time.
in recent years, the most referenced surgical face-lift, together with the developing technology, our faces gravity in the war against the greatest Defense. However, the aesthetics of the many ends in disaster.

your eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows and compliance within each other can be ignored. In your face is drooping, and the volume is where they are missing not being able to see in advance where such surgery will result in worse than before. Aesthetic, plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist surgeon Dr. naci Çelik, overlooked to this point in plastic surgery, profilo lift with the app brings a whole new dimension. Profilo lift to your face before any application is made, considering the 3D dynamics of your face, your nose, your eyes, your lips your muscles and the alignment process is aimed at. The captured 3-D photos, and corrections are identified after the simulation is done where such is drooping, the patient also carried out the operation with the approval of this video.

the practitioner of the method op. Dr. Naci Çelik, profilolift what it is, how it works and gave information about the expected results.

profilo Lift ?

facelift surgery, the leading aesthetic surgery and middle-age men and women are among the most common surgeries that refers to the aesthetic surgeon. However, after this operation, you may experience problems such as the loss of expression of the face. The 3D dynamics can be ignored in the face of facelift surgery the loose skin up and down the front of the ear or mounted sideways, back and scalp, leaving scars on the completion of the operation. The face of the person seems to be stretched as a result of such an operation, while new faces, like a younger version of patients, not artificial photo reveals. Profilo lift at this point intervened, and considering the dynamics of the 3D face replacement and stop being just a volume Lift, sagging the recovery of facial muscles, jaw, neck, and cervical stroke and nose and on the lips enables you to give a young look old at the same time.

what are the differences of the facelift profilolift ?

apply the operation to lift profilo, the first 3D images of the patient are taken. This 3-dimensional photographs is the lack of sagging in the face to us where you are, where you are in the volume where wrinkles are clearly shows that.

then again, the three-dimensional simulation is performed and the operation is likely to occur after the necessary corrections on Photos the image are evaluated together with the patient. Unlike a facelift, just take the skin off and the aim of the operation to sew it again. If necessary, The cheekbones more prominent, cervical stroke (i.e., the point where your jaw and neck meet) to sharpen, to expose the jaw line, the jaw line is more prominent due to impaired aging resulting from osteoporosis and tooth loss. Only in the correction of sagging eyelids and also the eyes, but also for medical of the eye-lateral rejuvenation of eyes fixed axle is also provided. Again, a situation that occurs after face lift surgery face lift before lifting a patient from the skin of the nose for the nose not to be touched even big and saggy is subject to arrest. Over this time, the aging of the skin sagging of the nose depends. Profilo lift the skin of the nose as part of the operation of the recovery process is also performed.

profilo can be applied to those who Lift ?

This is just a beautification procedure of a facelift is rejuvenation surgery at the same time it’s not a surgery since the can be applied to all men and women after the age of thirties.

Processing is being done where and for how long ?

in all such transactions as it is a process that is done in the hospital. Depending on the needs of the patient, under general or local anesthesia may be performed. If we take the average of our patients, a process that lasts approximately 4-6 hours. The process is different for each patient (because the patient’s needs according to) surgery is not able to give time in net. It is possible to go home the next day after an overnight hospital stay the patient.


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