And don’ts of hair extension methods

at me, I’m hapless unfortunate that our hair growth rate is low among girls unfortunately the time that I lived in was very large, in which case the effect of each disease per my troubled days of stress and boredom, like stress, hair growth , menstrual events, such as the delay in days to drag it out of that TA.

-First, the first advice I can give you is to stay away from chemicals , on the internet , no matter where you receive your hair every kozmetikci the chemicals that have almost no benefit but did not get any results unlike any chemical product I’ve tried was hurt both financially and with my hair loss.

Actually, it’s not too difficult on your hair, while we tried hard we always find all sorts of cures of all kinds of all kinds of medications and shampoos in our hair we were torturing them.

-in Human Hair Extensions it will help a lot of the foods we eat, B C, vitamin E the fruits and vegetables are plants that help extend our hair :

1.2 in walnut.3 of tomatoes.4 of the 5.egg 6.7 peas.spinach 8.broccoli 9.salmon

-I don’t know if washing your hair every day for hair growth are useful to kill but the hair is perfect! Provided that the live shows of oil hair our hair are not so extreme. Note that their hair needs oil . If your hair is oily I use to own a very simple method, a mixture of olive oil and almond oil once a week on the scalp, wait 30 minutes and wash it .In the first application you will see the benefits.

-causes hair and scalp to dry out in extremely hot conditions, we need to keep in hot environments as possible.

-the water temperature in the shower constantly change, this will accelerate your blood circulation that is good for your body and your hair and your dead cells so that the hair will grow faster, healthier and assigns .

-washing your hair, pamper your hair with your fingertips, rub the roots of the hair instead of torturing 🙂

-most importantly, don’t play with your hair straightener when your hair is wet comb it a lot and keep the table away for a while, at least until it is the desired length.

I hope this information is useful for you it worked for me 🙂


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