And I Say This Man Is The Father

yi with I think that’s the last straw I decided to write, maybe write to tell you that relaxes you is good for me.

a limited alcoholic psycho man, my father caused me to live like that think about the person who isn’t that awful ? I’m sad I’m crying I can’t help it, we have a pride for us that night mom and dad tattoo for the love of peers with a voice crying with pain I cried.
for years, my mother cheated, women who are worthy of the edges of the pavement with all your winnings just beat us up and he fed them, never loved us, never put it in my directory on my father’s head, and I couldn’t relax. Dec says to me:

why we like friends aren’t we ?

How Can I be friends with you dad? After what you’ve put us through, how should I pretend to be a boy?

runs this week doesn’t usually drink, but a pain in my stomach begins to occur as we approach the weekend, pray at bedtime when it’s hard to beat us. For this reason, when we sleep we’re all 9 in the evening to see us.

I’m afraid of men because of my father, since I was a kid, my wife is an alcoholic psychopath like her I’m afraid that for me, marriage is never a happy home I don’t want to get married so it wasn’t a table, but I can’t stand how much more my father ?

I’m useless, fat, retarded that it hurts me so much that he said I was a son to a father will say to them? My future wife about me, would you think that ? Wouldn’t really be worth it?

his daughter’s first love is a father, my own father any other man who does not love me would you love me? How do you show respect?

life isn’t fair it’s times like this I understand that, but I am thanks to my Lord.

I don’t want to drag this out any longer to bring you down, or My Father, I think it’s not about a ten wouldn’t be enough. the
tears to my eyes the way I wrote I was writing a sad figure, it may not be pretty I’m sorry, I just wanted to speak my mind.
Thank you for reading, life is to smile, this too shall pass.

(I will continue to love you in spite of everything, dad, don’t hurt us anymore.)


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