And not just a diet is not the only sport.!

if you try to lose weight with diet ONLY

when attempting to lose weight with only diet, calorie restriction, because of the fats in the body with so many beneficial nutrients besides the loss of oil takes place Nov group(Protein.) we’ll send it from the body.Applied studies on diet alone, 75 percent of the weight given to the loss of fat tissue is 25% and shows that Nov is the loss of water. Nov that speeds up tissue metabolism tissue. Loss slows down your metabolism and your diet start to gain weight rapidly after Nov. It is difficult to maintain your weight.

just sports to lose weight if you try

to get the feed, it is not possible to lose weight with just exercise. Is a condition that is associated with weight gain because eating more than you need to.Inappropriate, excessive exercise programs could not be continued for a long time left for the sport when too much weight is taken. High a result of weight loss motivation, age, and the power to appropriate the Nov non-strenuous exercise, and subsequently increase the risk of injury is going to result in more rapid weight transfer. Someone who doesn’t eat healthy and right, no matter what the sport(already can’t do the exercises you want because the effort will be bad) ,she couldn’t get the results you want. The best professional athletes knows this. Because the factory (body)of incoming raw material(food) of poor quality of the final product is bad. A man who does a lot psychologically, he thinks he can eat more exercise. However, it’s not as easy as it is thought to burn the calories from the food.

for example,

* 1 medium thick crust pizza, mixed/1500 calories (you need to run to burn 4 hours)
* 1 serving French fries/435 calories (you need to run to burn 1 hour)
* 100 grams of peanut/560 calories (you need to run to burn 1.5 hours)

a combination of exercise and diet is made

you don’t need excessive exercise because the diet is done. Exercising to be done 2 or 3 times per week is sufficient. Thus, it is much easier for you to bring exercise into your lifestyle. Given weight, adipose tissue is dying. According to the results of the research, 25 percent of the weight with diet alone Nov tissues, together with a basic exercise you’ve been missing when percent falls to 5 percent. With proper exercise and speeding up your metabolism by feeding in the tissues providing an increase of Nov. The weight given does not take back again. Weight protected. Acikili less. By virtue of the exercise regulate the hormone of happiness. To achieve the goal, it gets easier. As a result, a given fat loss diet plan to maintain weight and to provide right before you put, then the program must support the exercise.

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