Anger Management – Relax The SST, Don’t Be Nervous!

we can’t help our nerves sometimes , very simple things we get angry, shines instantly , and that sets the tone for a day off as they say if the stuff that gets in one day what could be more humanitarian?

The sleep of exhaustion from his eyes flow into the bed if you go to the bathroom, suddenly the income limit is allocated any sleep, and you can go to the bathroom

woke up to a beautiful morning dressed in the clothes of the gearing Assembly prepared by anyone looking at the stained shirt in the morning to be upset

where you want to go work / school staying out late and ran for a cab as the bus took off, one step away I dunno.

a report from the house until the morning when you realized you forgot to try and sit down and cry I come people

when you go to a place where you feel a lack in your pockets , so you know you’ve forgotten her phone at home , you start to get angry yourself

you’re dolled up for a wedding Evening, carefully prepared , from where he went to the wedding in the face when someone passes someone else because you don’t get dressed in the same outfit , deep fried

call for hours of something you lost in the house after the missing thing is in front of the house down and you’ll see that in fact , you didn’t see nervous you’ll be

and now a bad night and come home tired after a day in bed and didn’t turn the light off and noticed that angry unless you were told, get up and turn off the light

Yes, the days of simple, but I’ve shared things that limit us

listen to the song let the limit be our judge


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