April 23 national sovereignty and children’s Day … of us in our childhood what would it be?

on 23 April only a few days, the first gathering I wanted to do. I hope you like it.

on April 23, 1920 April 23 national sovereignty and children’s Day have been celebrated. The first is the opening day of the Grand National Assembly. The first is Children’s Day celebrated in the world. Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the nation great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk always said. Sovereignty is the ability to manage.And this authority belongs to the nation and undoubtedly will stay that way.

on April 23, we were in us in our childhood.

on April 23 in elementary school would fall apart.

months ago, poetry, speeches, demonstrations, preparation for. Every elementary school student has been a certain task. A taste of the excitement of that day. Made the opening speech. Plan the ceremony to be supplied. Our national anthem read. Everyone month the stars of our flag in their hands.

decorated with the classes.:)

The Cat we used the stairs a lot of the children couldn’t breath to inflate the balloon, it belonged to the duty teacher. Our flag everywhere and if you dalgalanird hung down to the ground. The flag is torn, it is pasted as when we were little, and she fell to the ground or were removed. The honor of a nation, and the reign namuss.

decorate the corner of Atatürk.

each would be separate from the corner of atam a national holiday. We owe a lot to him and your comrades in arms. I recall with respect and gratitude.

poetry readings.:)

and this is the most difficult aspect is the coolest part. One student from each class reads the poem. Articulate and hardworking student, of course 🙂 though it is difficult to memorize the verse.

yesterday morning, mommy

The kissing , he said: “Wake Up

today for your holidays,

look up adorned each side.

I looked at every fancy party

the street full of people.

I said: “mom, why

he said: “today, 23 April

The basic believe it’s feast

happy, brother,

it came on April 23,

R. Gökalp ARKIN

it’s time to show.:)

the poet was named. In the speech, a student took part. So you should be prepared to show the rest of the class. Each class usually finds their own movements they were ready. Small classes and teachers that they were ready. Gotta need to get kafkaf were dancing in folklore was said to need pop songs to sing in the choir.:)

who doesn’t know who don’t listen, I think you have not to join.:)

Great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on 23 April 1920 the children said that day.

little ladies, young gentlemen!

The Future of you all of a rose, stars, a glow of happiness!

the hometown the actual light you’re going to drown.

thinking how important it is yourself that is precious.

we expect great things from you .

and finally,

our schools are no longer National Holidays, celebrate in the stadium, has gone to have a walk.

Thank you for the Read.


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