As A Nation, We Have A Inclination To Violence.

is very annoying.

I wonder if you are preaching the lessons of history that lies in the subconscious and it’s causing? The point of a sword itself weaker than the exploitation of peoples around the world of our ancestors “heroes” as we relate.

warm.the development In bartin, road-making called fight of the debate is growing and one of the parties happens to be unipolar depression.There’s a crowbar in business.Who who who let that chant did not lead to.Only to get to the front of the car so busy that he won’t tolerate the two-person, why stand and fight for 10 minutes? Excuse the traffic, the fight is awesome.Licensed in the ring, I fought in that period that I haven’t seen any “anger management weak young man is my brother”.Unable to take a crowbar to the side or 1-On-1 fight than it must be.

is a place between hakkari, Edirne.The bus driver walks and crossing the bumps jolting the passengers.The driver apologizes.The biggest mistake of his life — maybe ! Know about EEK pudding? In spite of all good intentions of the drive, from the front door out the back door and Berkay, the man starts to manhandle.One of the passengers to go out and ‘network ‘ what is this,’ he said.He ate the beating the driver even though it’s all quite naive.Who he got with.

everyone, it’ll get there eventually.’Roller hers not someone elses’ art, like all of life’s weather-blown be suppressed with the severity of their suffering by fostering People’s own psychology is way off.When you were little because your father beat up a lot and throw the guy who walked on the shoulder of the road and pick a fight? I’m sure reason to fight anywhere in the world “looking for what” it can’t be.It’s not a look into next girlfriend !

you can’t stand the other point, the attack against all the instinct of a strong guy up a bottle from him, brutally shot out when you see an easy mark.For this reason, the host pattern that would scare the shit out of men with their wives at home is a tiger.While the most basic weapons to use in the street, “does it matter what my brother ehehe” mavra the man who beats his child at home, why do you think?

with a kind of sick desperation in the motive of the attack…

who’s trying to take him down if they can sink teeth.Physical or mental, in the sense that in Turkey such.

trembling in front of her husband in the house, the boss at work throws a kick in your brain with the power from the hierarchical state.Trying to make sense of their empty lives by making it a matter of pride teams in football(!) some of the enthusiasts nothing to brag about, go away and the pressing of the grandstand.The opposing team from the fans a better fight for them it is a matter of pride.Even the most popular game games in the same country by cutting across someone gelisile.

I always say, if you want peace, you should be able to fight the best.

the fight is bad, it’s not…if you make to know how to fight the most powerful warrior, then you will be peaceful again as a hobby.Otherwise, 3 such as Turkey. Small fish Big Fish little fish place and class in a country you are destined to always be you.

don’t put off exercise the right.Since the other side forget side.To protect yourself know.


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