As Examples Of Handmade Gifts For Mother’s Day Gift

what mother’s Day we get closer to the panic increases. We can find there’s so much special for this day.

However, the ‘My gift, and my mom get something special for manual labor’ there are various examples of handmade gifts for those who.

you love to give handmade gifts beyond the gift you purchased and blended with hundreds of pounds every time.

I could find searching for what I can do different for this mother’s Day, I wanted to share with you the souvenirs simpler that doesn’t require much overhead.

I love these.

Modern candle holder

Material: Colored jars, wire rope, Seashells or any other decorative materials of your choice, glue, and of course the candle.

zuccaciye in Colored jars at a very affordable price you can find. According to the size of the candle jars with wire rope decorate it according to your taste of your choice and paste it.

The remaining parts of the jar, shells, ribbons, decorations and an artificial flower like yourself stuck or paste. Put a candle in a box paketledin you your gift is ready.

you can paint with the different colors of Those wire ropes.

candle holder Authentic

Material: Wooden with lid a jar, lace, glue and wax

carefully glue onto the lace so that it’s not overflowing jar of paste. Place the candle inside the jar and turn upside down. It’s all about this! Authentic mumlug is ready.

Jar Pot

Material: colored or colorless jars, decorative ornaments, flowers, or colored marbles and Gemstones

as shown in the examples with the jar and then placing the soil into your flower in the desired manner after susledik to move around if you want them you can find in the garden section of a hardware store very cheaply – if you want you can prepare a gift package and decorate it with colored marbles.


Material: Wood and fabric and glue as much as you like, you can imagine newsagent

if you want to put where you want it wall-mounted wooden gazetelik stores you can find them at their hobby.

this gazetelik, the upholstery shop that you can get from 2-3 m with a fabric glue and your mom make a special gift for any pop art cover.


Ingredients: mirror in the sizes you want, decorative trim, glue and paint

paint and decorate any way you want by pasting around the mirror. Example pegs and plastic spoons. Both colors that you want, you can paint or colorful.

as another alternative construction that you can find in the market are dry, you can give a lovely autumn air and colored leaves, decorated with plants.

let’s give examples of gifts that can be made from blank CDs.

you shouldn’t underestimate what that can be done with the CD as much as it turns out.

The materials and the budget won’t be the kind that can be found everywhere, CDs, ornaments and decorative spray paints, colored paper and glue

napkin holder

ingredients: 3 CD, Cup paper or fabric and glue ornaments

cut and paste it onto a CD the CD 2 from the middle of the third.

Then bright patterned paper cup that you can find in the store of your choice and can decorate it or cover it with a nice fabric.


Ingredients: 5 CDs, decorative ornaments, colored wool, artificial flowers and glue

garnish as desired without interrupting this time four Cd and paste it onto another CD.

you put a flower in a small pot and you don’t get Into your mother’s room you can create a nice decoration.

Decorative candle holder

ingredients: 2 CD, candle holder, decorative ornaments and glue


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