Ascension Fitr Today

Ascension Fitr Today

Yes friends, the Ascension of the Islamic world today oil lamp. For starters, the entire Islamic world Fitr Mubarak’s Ascension.

let me mention some topics about the Ascension of the lamps.

the Ascension of the lamp, the 27th of Rajab. the day is celebrated on the night of.

Mira-Fitr in Arabic the stairs, to go up, Ascend expresses the meaning.

the event consists of 2 parts of Ascension. 1. part night walk that we call Prophet Muhammad israa, 2. part of the rise into the presence of God.

part of isra

This section were described in the Qur’an. Sleep at the Kaaba, the Prophet Jibril (A. S.) cut out of the heart by zamzam cleaned with water, wisdom-filled and named Burak from Mecca to Jerusalem took the road butted mount. Here they met some of the prophets to our prophet. Our prophet is the imam of the prophets and prayer kildirmis.

Part of the Ascension

our prophet 1. after the parts, Jibril (A. S.) through the layer of the sky with the latest 7 times sidrat al-munteha increased. It is the equivalent of the prophets the prophet of the sky in each layer.

Gabriel sidrat al-munteha after you leave the Prophet alone

if you pass this point forward, I’m a goner.

said. The Prophet e then get this part of the passenger than the other one Hz. The presence of Allah increased. Hz. As you have seen all the blessings in heaven and hell, and rose into the presence of God.

hands down, Even with 3 rakats in the night prayer vitr released and re-based to connect to a single here in an instant when he saw the prophet in hell due to the terrible state it is said that you put your hands down.

with the events of the Ascension


  • those who ascribe partners to God will enter heaven teacher.
  • Baccarat verses was given to the last period.
  • 5 daily prayers prescribed.

after receiving news of the Prophet, the sidrat al-munteha than to named mounts, sidrat al-munteha from Jerusalem to Mecca and from there went with mounts named Burak.

isra verse:

“some of Our signs to show his servant by night from Al-Masjid Al-Haram which we have blessed around away from Al-Aqsa Mosque that led to so blessed be Allah. Surely everything the right-of-hearing, the All-seer.”(3)Isra 17/1

this incident, the prophet has told the people of Makkah. But some people laughed, some people made fun of. Accept others and have faith.

what happens on this night


the prayer prescribed to us in the night. One of the most beautiful prayers in the night of the ascension to pray. Futile accident, thank God, wajib) prayers for the obligatory prayers is one of the most important.

The Holy Koran is read

which is the Holy Book of Muslims the Koran we read, is one of the most beautiful prayers to do this overnight.


Dua the weapon of the believer. We always have a hard time just not the remembrance of Allah and to him our desires, our contentment, it is imperative to make eda.

take your Rosary

Salavat, la ilaha illallah, while it is to chant and glorify every can be taken.

Kin Celebrate Candle

wanna say a quick Hello, relatives, candle, celebrate, call and let’s talk.


  • kusluk quench our Cross and today is the last time.
  • if you have to pay them a visit and let our patients.
  • if we had a right, should we take right through.
  • plenty of repent.

The duration of Isra 78
“the sun until the darkness of night can be found at clay, and the morning prayer. Because sahitli morning prayer.”

what this does, Of course, we just wanted to remind you.

we came to this world, and certainly we have a creator. That Creator is God.

I respect every opinion, everybody should listen to me and respect my opinion. No religious, no bigot, not a terrorist he called those who destroy Islam, what some people do, constantly defame our religion employees, hereafter discuss.

I am a Muslim and I’m proud of it.

The teacher those who ascribe partners to God will enter heaven.

Islam is the only religion in the sight of God.

the entire Islamic world Fitr Mubarak’s Ascension.

save us a place in your prayers.

Kemal sönmez


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