Bahceci Group, the first of the Balkans, women’s health, Obstetrics and IVF hospital opened the private

in Kosovo’s capital, Pristina, Gynecology, Obstetrics and infertility Private Branch Dr. Mustafa Bahceci and his team, who opened the hospital, brought their families from Kosovo who have children together through IVF.

The first in the Balkans, women’s diseases, birth and IVF hospital featuring private branch private Yard, Hospital, Kosovo’s environment Minister Mahir-Flattery of the Turkish Embassy officials, Kosovo President of the Association of Gynecology, Prof. Dr. Shefqet Lulaj in Turkey and attended by families who have children in treatment at bahceci hospital was inaugurated by seeing.

as a result of interventions in Turkey, which attracts families with children, the opening was the scene of color images. After many years as a result of treatment for children who are very happy to have the family who was at the opening, expressed satisfaction with the doctors at every opportunity. Bahceci Group Service since 1996 in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Erbil continued with initiatives launched by overseas. Introducing Dr. Mustafa Bahçeci per the hospital before the official opening ceremony, the hospital made an investment of 3 million euros, he said.

opened in Kosovo, women’s diseases, infertility after the birth and hospital Private Branch established in Iraq’s capital Baghdad, Mustafa bahceci who stated they were prepared to open the hospital, that was too cool to open up the health sector in Turkey abroad, but haven’t been abroad a lot more clinical, he said. Reaching the highest point in Turkey, the group draws attention to Bahçeci in Kosovo, the opening of the hospital cause

opened in Kosovo, Bahceci is an investment of 3 million euros from the centre of the hospital, the western standard includes everything you need to be in a hospital, in a hospital that need to be pointed out that you apply visible or invisible whatever it takes. President of the Association of Kosovo President of the Association of Gynecologists Gynecology Shefgot dubbing,

with an investment of approximately 3 million euros, carried out center. It brings all the possibilities of modern medicine. All of them it comes to be used in the treatment of patients. Approximately 30 people are employed. 10 Turkey, 20 from Kosovo, is a center that provides a workforce of 30 people. Important here is good enough to patients here and giving service to operate. If it works to the extent we want this in the next period we are planning to open new centers in other countries in the Balkans

Bahceci Clinics Hospital of the University of Pristina in Kosovo, the first patients of the Department of Psychiatry attached to the Center Director, Prof. * Dr. pervin’s wife virsevci the Virsevc,

in Turkey at the end of the event children who are born as a result of treatment in institutions bahçeci, Bahçeci team posed for the cameras with op. Dr. halit fırat erden.


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