Based On The Color Of Your Clothes Kombinleri!

Colorful dress, if you like wearing your color harmony you have to pay attention to being chirpy. First, you should use appropriate colors and your skin color.

wear clothes colored with pastel shades and make them quite fashionable recently kombinlemek. You, too, can reflect your kombin this trend, striking colors, complete with pastel colored clothes.

here is some advice for you…

color groups: primary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow), arise by the combination of the main colors Dec colors (Yesil, orange, purple) and tertiary colors (Burgundy, turquoise, Indigo, and pink).

to create a contrast: I’ve enumerated above, you can use two contrasting color in a group of color with each other. For example, the primary colors yellow and purple colors to use and you can uncover a great combination Dec. You can use the maroon or navy blue.

single color: powder pink, beige and different shades of the same color or adjacent colors, such as if you use your outfits with an excellent sense of style.

golden rules:

– The colors while using the balance you have to pay attention necessarily. For example, select To print a single color. You will use this color the other colors compatible with lighter tones.

– make sure you use your more than 3 kombin color. 3ten mixed-use image leads to more colors.

– if a colour image is too sharp, use shades that complements the color that suits to alleviate it.

– all dressed in white and black colors so you don’t comfortably combine leyebilirsiniz.

– if you like to use the Clear and vivid colors, these shades opt for the Chemise at the top. Thus, we awaken in our faces and more cleavage and a more accurate view emerges.

– we would prefer to see darker colors for light colors on the top in the lower part we should use.

appropriate combine for your skin:

if your skin is dull and your hair in shades of brown:

beige and Yesil

grey and red

off-white and maroon

black and red

pistachio and lilac

orange and pink

dark chestnut Hair, and if your skin is pale:

maroon and yellow

grey and maroon

navy blue and beige

maroon and off-white

beige and white

your hair is yellow, light brown, or shades of red and if your skin is pale:

chocolate brown and red

black and white

chocolate brown and khaki

black and tan

maroon and purple

black and gray

one last reminder,

in the fashion show, we’ve seen a combination of colors that fit with each other in no way can be used. But if you don’t use contrasting colors, if you prefer to use compatible colors, you should pay attention to the following color options.

Plum and purple

salmon skin color and

maroon and black

blue and Yesil


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