Be My Own Person

After recent events, to be Human, to be ourselves, we started to forget I started to think to answer the question of what is Human that I called my own for this reason I want to share my quest.

The first human being, not gender discrimination, 2 different sexes are not opposed to each other is to accept the fact that complement.

them to understand other people and to respect them.

Just like us not to judge other people because they cannot understand or we don’t.

be Human, to accept yourself is to make peace within yourself.

A person who cannot question the humanity of peace within yourself.

The human being himself.Hormones,emotions and thoughts to control.

to other people is to respect all living beings not just human being.

let’s not forget that the lords of nature us not, we are part of nature.

a human being, eternity, to have everything that exists and will exist.

The important thing is to evaluate how we have not have all of them.

The definition can be written about them a lot throughout the ages people have attempted to, and thousands of books have been written on it. Were not sufficient to describe all the words come together.

I believe it started in always change ourselves.

the world we live in order to make the world a more beautiful place on or around let’s light up around us and improve ourselves.

empathy,respect, and be optimistic to make our own policy.

let’s not neglect to smile a little bit.

let’s make the world more beautiful today, tomorrow ourselves.

all by hand until they are alight bye


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