Because In The Distance Search

our mind tells us, or last of us? The dilemma is that we feel for the first time as a child. Your mother starts the kids “don’t do it” to say. “That’s a shame, that’s pee, look igneci is coming by saying,” put the chain on the instinctive behaviour of the children. Then other members of the family. Then, the environment and education system. Us turn them into Pets. Our natural behavior, society between the pressures of the mould-it starts small principle – we agree to their rules. A woman with a child in the film says, “Do I choose the right one according to dictated to me all the time? Am I supposed to accept what they told me? Or because I really believe I’m making such a choice?” Here is the pressure of society that we are exposed early on, our conviction that after a while it becomes. Or those of us are a different story. In fact, love ourselves, like we don’t have a reason to. Play too for fun. A small child can have fun with every thing in the house, would want it just so I can play with everything, but when it starts to be us the rules for fun, for love, we need reasons to feel good.


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