Best 8 android games!

good games for Android writing here often, I wanted to share with you what I know if you like me if you have or not it’s up to you now 🙂

first of all, I would like to introduce you to the fun run 2yi. Do you have a fun and enjoyable race ? You can leave them behind their opponents with special abilities from each other, and other. Is a game that is played online.:)

Draw a certain object by drawing a picture of Something in the face of Player do you expect to guess. Now, which artifact the player will be able to draw without draw better hint ? An English game. The perfect place to improve your vocabulary.:)

here is my favorite game.:) Clash of clans clan wars and win battles that you can build your own tribe involved in.:) May the strongest man win 🙂

if you are looking for advanced phone game Real Racing 3, Real Racing Electronic Arts version is for you! Amazing animations, fast cars and breathtaking race.)

you are addicted to subway Surfers play in the game that our hero is running away from the officer Station. From the top of the train to get caught, jump, run and other obstacles on the tracks to pass under.:)

if you are a lover waiting for the next games in the fun and playing games on the phone you don’t need borders. Just enough sugar to bring the same together.:) advances and much more difficult level of self-linking, you’ll love this game.:)

fruit Fruit Ninja how much do you love me ? Cut the fruit with a single hand movement has never been so much fun. Important to get the highest record in a short time.:)

Yes, we have our last game 🙂 this game come to Pokemon lovers.:) the monster of all ages played in this game and the others try to get the war with : a) a continuous activity that has given the beautiful prizes and all kinds of monsters that get very good:) you can call your friends and go on your own adventure and build unity.:)

I wrote hope you like it Friends games. There are more good games that I have written as a continuation I shall introduce in other games if you want 🙂 Thank you to everyone who has already liked and didn’t like.:)


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