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Hi everyone,

today, I wanted to change the subject that I have prepared for you. “DANCE” any more Output Types , Tango,Waltz,ballet,Rumba,Salsa then “hip-hop” type of shining examples from the American culture out of the culture, especially in the last few years I wanted to give.

actually, I really dislike it, but for some reason, I have seen on a stage or street dance when I saw that I’m useless to my attention about a separate away I’m watching :):)

The General also baggy pants,sweatpants, etc and collectively worn a done image.Baggy pants or something that I can’t, but collectively when a seated image dancing style so it’s not like that in our country is giving twinkie :):) all kidding aside let’s watch, too.

1 – I made a guess in a contest Show

2-children show dance

more years old, very little rehearsal or a rehearsal or a dance club ad here.

3-high school dance

I think an ad shoot in this clip again (HTC phone) or a video that introduces the school, I think, very successful.

4-show custom made for the film adaptation

shooting a movie of the dance show in this clip I think is very good, but there you have it.

5-Urban Dance

Urban, we’ve heard the name many times, now returning to the trade, this sector is growing in the club of the students after the rehearsal. a

on 6-of-competition program made in the show

we know in Turkey, “Turkey on talent” contest on the stage of the program similar to one called in Europe show that you have made in there. a

7-Single dance show

dance can be done en masse, as we can see from this video that can also be single, there you have it 🙂

with this video I want to say goodbye :):) SO! In Europe,not Turkey ? 🙂 Crazy Brother Fehem Wows Their Audiences.

“respect for labor” thanks


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