Black holes and the bending of space

Space, black holes and the bending of

mankind has always attracted the attention of black holes. How he could even swallow a hole, the sound and light people initially, and they can’t believe how this footage is formed. Following the discovery of the telescope made in conjunction with the development of the company, have sought to explain this matter. As a result, numerous theories and hypotheses have been proposed.

at the beginning of the 20th century, a thriving modern physics, classical physics can explain very complex phenomena that we can’t explain. These are the most valid and accepted theory of space bending. A black hole is formed: how? wondering Let’s get to the point that I thought might interest you 🙂

The attraction is so strong today that Of 300 000km/s with the fastest speed accepted for even the light pulls into himself. It is no escape from salvation. This gets people thinking. If the highest speed is the speed of light?

traction is a shot of the black hole into a star 🙂 isn’t that great! Imagine pulling into a black hole the earth would be one who knows what 🙂

first of all, to describe this event is thrown before explaining the theory, some things need to question. Come see them.

-absolute time is relative ?

-why the difference in the motion of mercury ?

Why the same difference there is between the earth and the moon ?

Time Is Absolute?

for centuries the people they thought time was absolute. Today, however, we know that unlike is not absolute is relative.

the old time that is fixed, we believe. It was that no matter what we do. He certainly was!

The first information about Mutlaklik from Euclid we find. There were 4 items in the defined space of Euclidean geometry: time and depth Variable with the absolute aspect. Accordingly, flowing and always hard not being able to be rotated backward invariant. An item’s width, length, and depth, you can change the time, but you can’t change, slow down, speed up, and you can’t stop.

this video will change your view of time!

for a hundred years physicists have worked with in this understanding. They couldn’t handle the work outside of time in time, energy, mass and speed have a result of covering the whole failed to trigger. For example, Newton the theory of gravitation the masses of the planets to each other because of an attraction he told me to apply, and with the mass of bodies that is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the right which has found that this theory is true. However, it is insufficient. It is true that this is the current time according to the system. If we have to change the speed so that time will change a path that is, this theory gives the wrong result. The biggest proof of this the orbit of the Mercury .

A difference in the orbit of mercury

The mercury in its climax, first in its simplest form. We spent three days at mercury we have spent 2 years at approximately the same time. Mercury close to the sun because it is itself the turn around is really slow.

on the day of Mercury, according to the world:58 days.

according to the earth in our solar system: 88 days.

here, the smaller the angle of rotation around its own normal, but sometimes of mercury around the sun rotation takes place even more slowly. If we had the chance to live on mercury, then we could be witness to the movement of the sun from west to East for some time. However, it is not the case for the earth and the moon. So we always see the same face the moon. Well why the situation is different Merkur? Why?

here is the answer: the theory of space bending 🙂

in the orbit of mercury about this, the more interesting disorders. While the other planets are calculated according to Newton’s law because very small deviations in mercury measurement error is too large to be neglected when there is a difference.

the scientists on this part of the claim that has been tossed out and fled to kolaycilig by a meteorite. This is a very easy way to get rid of things unexplained, it was hit by a meteor in the sky. When? Where? How? The answers simple: I don’t know how to hit. Well, how the world has occurred in life? -Was hit by a meteor in the sky. Well, how did you get here? Comet, etc . .:D 😀 I don’t mean Briefly meteorite, the scientific expression of the word 🙂

some have even gone so far that they have a planet Vulcan that he was not up to observe it they tried. They searched and searched for many years, no such thing 🙂 If it were a minor planet or satellite a new trajectory that could connect him gozlense was different. But sorry, there’s nothing like that 🙂

fitting the first planet Vulcan 🙂

The answer to these questions could be explained with the general theory of relativity much later. Accordingly, he was huge with the mass of the sun bend space. Buddha explained the orbit of mercury in the disorder. Why Mercury? Because he was the closest can be found in the net. But the twist is affecting the whole planet in mercury or this observation clearly we can do. In a space or in our world, so humble 🙂

as distance decreases, the drive increases the effect.

The mathematicians to the theory of relativity threw a hand after my own theory I don’t know anymore. (Einstein)

How To Bend Space Becomes ?

it is understood that relative but not absolute time, since they have time to coordinate their systems in order to understand the space scientists said. This is drawn on top of the space-time graph according to the density of space, every celestial body at a rate of bend. This creates a bending inward shooting.

to understand this, you can do an experiment at home. Take a towel in your hand. Having a friend hold you from one end from one end. Put the remote in the middle. A little twist will be. Grab the remote and your hands will be bigger than the iron ball put twist pull it down a little more. If you put a tremendous thing here, if the intensity, never of course towels We accept not tear 🙂 this gorgeous twist will grab you. So a black hole will consist of.

and this occurs where the density is a very large item, or even causing a black hole to swallow the light ?

now let’s give an answer to this problem. In fact, how we humans are born, grow and die in the stars. Are born, they grow and they die. The death of stars takes place in the following way. Collects all the enormous energy that has mass and volume at a single point. The pre-mass planets in orbit that uses the energy in a moment into a single point to keep the huge and horrific a shooting occurs when he first meets light, sound, planet, satellite, star, pulls everything without saying.

there is a rule that will turn into a black hole but not necessarily to all. Some stars grew and before turning into a red giant. Then an explosion approximately The size of a small planet by the process they’re turning into white dwarves. It is called such because he looks white. Then all the Black Light and they’re turning to the dwarf. However, much more billion years for the formation of a black dwarf star. So in the universe it is believed obvious that you have a year like this yet.

our sun is expected to become a red giant rather than a black hole.

this makes a kind of other world inhabited by people in the past, today’s solar systems and black holes? so.

starting from the primary school, throughout the training process compulsory ‘Cosmos’ courses. If a person understands the universe and think about the universe, if less arrogant, more wide horizons, it would be more realistic.

And this is what’s inside a black hole

Frankly, it is difficult to give a definite answer to this question. Thought about it but there are a few hypotheses.

this black holes different spaces from one space to another so that it acts as a door between that can be passed in this way is one of them. Accordingly, a working party while the other side of black holes pairs in the exit door is the entrance gate. Storm hose of the ships the same thought on the one hand and on the other hand, assigns or we can think just like him. In this case, we are called black holes and worm holes.

another view that can be made using black holes to travel between the past and the future idea. Want to go to the past or the future? Tell uyecan 🙂

past, present and future is only an illusion the difference between. Einstein


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