Bodybuilding nutrition and bodybuilding Supplement Mistakes

Protein account for those who do bodybuilding, use, and supplement companies games

nowadays, most people who play this sport are causing some errors.

the errors of those who fell body building

1) The first 3 grams per pound of lean like an athlete who does not use steroids as a high amount of protein will not need to get.

2) consume high amounts of protein foods like 40-50 grams per meal. Sample 200 g cooked chicken breast. For years, athletes using steroids athletes that participate in advanced level competitions for athletes of this type is referred to as such as 40-50 gr per meal. Others are beginners and mid-level is referred to in these conditions as so many of us we enter into these two groups because we won’t get 40-50 grams of protein per meal.

naughty why more protein?

your body digest that much protein to your internal organs that may be compromising your health, you will be forced in this status.

3) a nutrition program to get lean without knowing your weight.

what is lean weight, lean weight according to how to create a nutritional program?

1) If your digestive system fast and hard like 2.5 grams protein per lean weight if you have genetics that makes the Nov. They do this genetics people with a difficult Nov, due to metabolism and weight gain is torture for them. But 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per pound of lean if you do not carry this genetics to get sufficient.

2) This is one of the most common mistakes. A pound of meat eaters we have a meal after the diet of professional athletes. This is incorrect. You you’re not at that level. 250 g or 500 g chicken breast you don’t need to eat a meal. 100 g chicken breast 20 grams of protein if you eat a meal you will get is very ideal for you already and this is the ratio of a protein, and you will have the problem of intimidation.

3) according to your lean weight nutrition you must remove the program. For example, let me give you one example of 100 pounds.

The amount of protein that our bodies need, how is it calculated?

a man’s body with 100 pounds of fat. 100 what is si ? Of course then we’re getting 20 rupees from 100 to 20.

100 – 20 = 80 pounds

The ratio of lean protein So you should take a person with 80 pounds

80 x 1.5 = 120 grams of protein (ideal)

80 x 2 = 160 g of protein (maximum)

if I said applies to people with a fast metabolism 2,5 gr.


1) Magazines advertising product that is written in the description that is given to extravagant putting pictures with most poor quality raw materials, manufactured the product, they can market it like it could even get. The guy with the picture of the athlete using it, not to mention the message he is giving.

2) If you look at the magazine contracted with the companies that are already at least 4 of these magazines are advertised te 1 I supplement the sheer.

3) nutrition nutrition program supplement companies the most important issue here is exaggerated because some magazine is contracted with and given false information. Per pound 3 – 3,5 – 4 You should get like G protein. Mid-level can’t process so much protein a bodybuilder.

also, these programs are usually food supplements in nutrition is added to this look is the reason, dear reader, you see the future more difficult and more expensive to take a normal diet and look at least 3 grams of protein per pound you use protein powder if you don’t get how they can afford to give you a message that says daily needs.

4) magazines and supplement companies that they pay doctors just as they did in an interview to Expert magazine. give them DIY like you. At the doctor said he’s looking for money making comments.

5) as you can see in the above picture The amount of time it takes the water by using this product you aren’t being given the message that this has become 🙂 ? This type of advertising photo shoots before but it usually happens after the event already changes how a nice the abdominal muscles, arm muscles, etc. with the program from which it’s obvious.

a documentary about it called bigger stronger faster supplement even following the sale to start you can look at the scene photo shoot.

Note: protein intake should be 1.5 grams per pound to a maximum of the ladies. 1 gr per pound is enough even for the ladies.


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