Bukowski Guy.


Bukowski-called nice guy, I’m putting the last point of the series.I find it odd in the general sense of people’s responses.The ordinariness of this man that she took to sit and with realistic thoughts tossed aside and wrote.A good fuck with this author when I read some strange comments about the pen I had quite a laugh.


Read one Bukowski book I’ve read what you’re saying.

Life, unfortunately, you know as part of your is not rosy.It is clear why a seasoned writer as a drunken,womanizing shit like you do I don’t understand.What man can say I’m not a womanizer?Clear that he saw the woman completed the man the only man who is alive, and has survived to write accordingly.

out of the books, which one would you recommend? our friends who said If you find a book which, without distinction and without thinking about it, I’d say check it out.

believe me, every book a new book can be written.That should not be lost and that is one of the poets writes.I think I could write every word with article or satirlarca I believe.

I believe you will be an inspiration to our friends who didn’t ever hear the name.And I am happy if I can contribute a little bit about this.Here’s the link if you want to read my previous series,

Bukowski and women

Bukowski and drink.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read.Your reading and writing is missing.Hope to see you. :):


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