Burger King, the coffee concept…

recently, the legendary Brand of fast food

Burger King, Sbarro, arby’s and harboring the food popeyes tab Brand, the number of ‘5 to my BK cafe with the concept of brings. Recently, the world-famous coffee chain store in Turkey which it entered in order to open a tab for food,

its second store in Turkey in the coming days Adana M1 merkez shopping center which will open in ‘My BK Cafe , thus at the same time will spread in Anatolia. Magazalasmay in Turkey aiming to ‘my BK Cafe’ aims to be the new address of coffee drinkers. ‘My coffee at the outside cafe BK of varieties of sandwiches, pastries, salty-sweetened bakery products, including different products will be sold.

enjoy coffee, we want to spread the word

the horse who opened the first branch in bahcelievler carrefoursa erhan kurdoglu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of holding, then said they would open a branch in M1 merkez Adana Shopping Mall. Burger King in Turkey had started for the first time as this application, noting that blue sky, ‘We worked on this concept for a long time, we did it and completed the project. Our goal is ‘My BK Cafe’ concept is to provide an exemplary concept said.

The coffee chain said they aimed to expand the concept of tab gıda in Turkey Caner Dikici, General Manager, coffee said that are among the fastest growing sectors of the sector for the last 5 years. Stitcher, in the coffee industry is a serious potential in Turkey and stated that and stated :

flavor the big guns

tab food, my BK Restaurants opened its first branch in Istanbul. Which will include a selection of natural and flavored coffees to suit Turkish taste in ‘my BK Cafe’ concept is the biggest trump card of the flavor will be.
a business which currently employs 20 million people in the world, which is an average of 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year. Five million people in Brazil alone, nearly 3 billion with a tree in the coffee industry works. With this development in the recent period, the coffee culture started to spread in Turkey. This growing chain of stores supports the culture by opening the world famous companies.

– tab about food:

food industry and trade Inc tab group, Burger King, Sbarro, has all the rights as master franchisee in Turkey popeyes. Within Burger King tab gıda, 1995, Popeyes, and Sbarro brand was founded in 2006. In 2010, tab has acquired arby’s food. Today, in cities across Turkey 39 314 Burger King restaurants 20 61 Sbarro, Popeyes 55 in 19 provinces, all of them if I remember 8 restaurants in Turkey. Tab gıda Sanayi ve TIC comprising quick-service restaurant chains. Inc. to date, many awards, one of the companies that has been located at the leading position of the industry.


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