Came fresh Blue: the colorful jewelry and scarves are

The Blue this summer, for those who want to create their own style 580 370 has prepared a wide collection of accessories, a lot of model variants. Living in her head that carries traces of jewelry and colorful scarves products akdenizliler the most striking of the collection.

this jewelry, takistirmalik follow…

Blue custom designed bracelets, necklaces and rings, wood, Pearl, lace, lace, leather, metal, different materials such as glass draws attention. The bright colors of Brasil to live and a combination of colors used in Aqua jewelry is accompanied by floral patterns and the dark green of the Amazon.

designed with exquisite fabrics and lace embroidery, white beads decorated with sea shells and accessories is among the most special parts of the collection. Leather, rope, and metal is used where a combination of necklaces and bracelets in the collection constitute the most vaccinated group.

Plain metallic colors as well as red, Yesil, blue, black, orange, purple and pink variants prepared in a thin ring bracelets offers a fashionable and attractive look.

Scarfs and shawls are still very much in vogue.

The Blue scarfs of the summer, which is the product most talked about new colors and patterns with those who want to create their own style shops, the blue is calling. Patterned besides, Yesil, Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey, purple and white monochrome scarfs and shawls, in the city, on campus, at the beach or at a night club according to the head of the youth complement the style attached.


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