Carnivals and festivals

The television news, the series and movies we have seen carnivals, festivals I’m going to mention.

The Carnival and festivals, is a celebration of made for entertainment purposes. Every country is different carnivals and festivals. Carnivals, costumes and chirping me the most interesting has been fun.

unusual for me, interesting Carnival with costumes and festivals

* Rio Carnival: the carnival is a world famous Brazilian Carnival. You can also watch this Carnival to enjoy Samba shows. Each year, generally held in the month of February.

• The Carnival of Venice: Carnival of the Carnival of Italy, the most spectacular and intriguing. Everyone is mysterious. This camera is definitely great if you’re in a mask and a carnival to keep a day it will be enough.

• Caribbean Carnival: it’s a giant party with Costumed dances, it’s fun. Curacao, on islands such as Barbados are made.

• Nice Carnival: Rio Carnival this Carnival are also very popular.

• Carnival of Santa Cruz de Carnival are made in Canada and only takes 1 day.

• The Holi Festival in India celebrated this festival celebrating the arrival of spring.

The San Fermin Festival in Spain’s famous bull Festival. Also the sacrament is celebrated in July.

• Saint Patrick’s Day: everyone at this festival everything is green. For the month of March is celebrated in Ireland.

• Viking fire Festival: held in Italy for the month of January, this festival has over 1000 years ago, Viking arrival to the island.

• orange blossom Carnival: 2. for the time, held also in the province of Adana Turkey is celebrated. Turkey’s first Carnival.

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