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the dogs do we think they understand us?
People perceive us to explore their thoughts about dogs, Pongracz, Hungarian Miklos and industry they did a survey to dog owners. Most dog owners understand their dogs calling out to the dog which the questions posed at the beginning of the list when they ask you to do something, to provide information about the permissions that are granted here. In the second part of the survey and how they deal with the orders of dogs when they ask, the answers went like this:

• in all circumstances the percentage of orders given to them the dogs to 31% of fits.

the Dogs when the conditions are right, 53 per cent of orders fits.

K-on-dom increases depression
Women, and believing that the malice of male researchers is not if you have a run for their research, it research, I guess this is it! According to research, use a condom during sexual intercourse, triggering depression in women.

according to research by prostaglandin hormone in semen Ney 1986 I found it to be useful in the treatment of depression. Based on this research, Gallup, Burch, and Platek , 2002 in our study, the women examined the relationship between condom use and depression levels. The study gave the following results:

another form of birth control women who typically applied to the outside of the condom during sexual intercourse use condoms less depressed than those who they get. Research also revealed that condom use is the correct proportion between the number of suicide attempts. So, less less suicide attempt brings with condom use. Sexual contact without the use of a condom in the last sexual intercourse of the degree of depression in women is increasing.

the researchers continues to work. To date, the data brought more questions than answers in the hands of data scientists who are aware of admitted that is a beginning for new results.

The iPods increases as the number of songs is getting worse
according to researchers, such as how many songs in iPod and iPhone MP3 players if you have the weights according to the number of the song also is increasing. The weight difference between an empty iPod is an iPod with only 0.4 grams. IPhone 16GB 3,500 songs in 133.2 grams according to the test blank which contains the same model of the iPhone, while the weight 133.6 grams.

the brains of London taxi drivers are more advanced than others
in the brains of London cab drivers by benefiting from the navigation system satellites, scientists explored and came across interesting findings.

after examining the brains of taxi drivers, it was discovered that the hippocampus is larger as compared to other people. The hippocampus is one of the main centers in the brain. Is responsible for storing memory and information. Birds and animals and will help you to find the direction. Research showed that the hippocampus grew at a rate noticeable as cab drivers do their job.

naturally programmed to laugh when we tickle?
Professor Clarence Leuba innate by observing his own children to laugh at when he tried to find out whether they’re being tickled. She tickled her first child in 1933, by closing with a face mask, while the appearance of facial expressions is prevented. Experiment with her first child breaks down and tickled him while she continued her experiment with her second child, and until that day never laughed, although he saw her daughter’s smile.


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