Certificate attestation services for India, Fivestar cooking food faster with Legend

assistant certificate attestation services for India, the largest Women in the kitchen, to cook food faster and delicious ‘to cook five-star legend created. ‘The legend fivestar pressure cooker ” will cook your meals with in a short time, and the hours you spent in the kitchen preparing meals is up to you.

faster cooked, and delicious meals

The products functionality to your kitchen with the rule and the technology that makes it easier to cook from bringing emsan product. Fivestar Legend with the Special design of the pressure cooker, offers your kitchen a joy to use, and also cooking food faster and more delicious. Thus, cooking in the kitchen for the time you spend is up to you.

The use of a pressure cooker with stainless steel body cylindrical Deep Fivestar Legend is quite easy and secure. Legend Fivestar Safety lid placed on a pressure cooker to help prevent damage from the pressure of the Silicone, Protects you from unwanted kitchen accidents. 4, 6 and 8 liters of volume in the options Fivestar Legend, natural gas, butangaz, Electric, ceramic, halogen and the latest technology in furnaces offers high performance.

The easily Washable in the dishwasher and your dishes in the kitchen Fivestar Legend adds flavor and also reduces the time you spend and energy use.

legend fivestar,pressure cooker,

4 lt : TL 93
6. ly : 96 TL
Circus : 99 TL offered for sale.


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